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  1. What is the actual ground clearance of Logan some say its not fit for Mangalore roads as the roads are horrible and clearance is just 155 mm but some say the ground clearance of Logan is 172mm. ??
  2. The reason for Palio stile not to sell in large numbers .like its rivals is becuase it is very fuel efficient like the Spark or the WagonR and it pretty much under powered (1.1.) but If palio would have also introduced thier Multijet Diesel engine it would have been a great hit and Indica sales would have to suffer.
  3. But even SX4 also the Same unlike the old Baleno
  4. The HOnda City ZX EXi, GXi and Vtech are all 10th anniversary one .the City ZX is on Indian Roads from may be 2005 OCT.
  5. i told you Swift Getz and UVA are not included as it is Premium hatch
  6. Yes if it is Maruti Certified car and comes at a good price goo for it. you will have 1 year warranty plus 3 free services. and the Old NEw Zen ( 2004 and after that) is good and better than the New Estilo.
  7. Always when a company just launches a Car they will not give good discounts but after sometime slowly they will start giving
  8. That is true i would always go in for the tubeless and also suggest my friends too .
  9. well i see some Minute Change just Minute
  10. Yes surely the Ball is now in Mahindra's court waiting for them to launch thier Scorpio Eagle
  11. You are Right Afterburner.
  12. i will go with the WAGONR
  13. Which do you think is Overall a good Value Packed car? There is no Premium Hatch Like UVA , Getz and Swift. but Other than that if i missed out any please specify.
  14. pryas

    Crash Safety?

    i think i will chose Economical Hatch - Palio Stile Premium Hatch - Swift Sedan - SX4
  15. pryas

    Crash Safety?

    Well what do you all think about best crash safety car. in economical hatches- Alto, Spark, WagonR, Santro, Indica, Palio stile , Zen Estilo. in Premium Hatch Swift , Getz prime , UVA In sedans - Indigo , Logan ,Fiesta ,Aveo ,SX4 , Verna , City ZX .
  16. ohh i see but this is what its going on in my city. lucky Mangaloreans
  17. please do tell us more about your feeling in test drive.
  18. But for Spark in my city ( Mangalore) there is Free 1st year Insurance Plus MP3 system from the dealer plus rs8k for corporates like IMA members.
  19. How is MRF Steel Belted RADIAL???
  20. i agree with SGIITK. its always better to stay away from this cars or else you will stay faar away from we all.
  21. The Decent Ground Clearence in India in a city like Mangalore where roads are horrible should be minimum around 165- Unlimited
  22. Resale Value of a car depends on the Cost and Demand. the Bigger the Car the bigger Depreciation. but as Honda City and SX4 are the Hot Favorites it will not affect the resale value for quite some time say for about 3 years minimum is what i feel. dont try to go for Verna Petrol.if it is Petrol that you are Considering then surely there will be no mistake in going in for SX4 or the CIty.