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  1. swift is good diesel hatchback and Fiesta is quite good diesel car in sedan segment but now its facing stiff competition from its rival VERNA.
  2. Okay thans for the information.
  3. i think in diesel you can pick the VERNA and in petrol there is 3 choice that is SX4 , Honda City and Fiesta 1.6 .
  4. Volvo will bee soon out with a Premium car one costs around 38 lacs ex showroom and the other is yet be launched and it may cost around 20- 25 lacs. Aprox( dont know properly though)
  5. i think Cedia is not that cool. and is expensive but he can look at the optra mAgnum Petrol.
  6. Yes i had test drive of Both WagonR and Logan and both these cars are having CONS. wagonR - Rear seats are uncomfortable and gearbox is slightly a pain. logan Diesel - i think engine lacks power but after 3000 RPM its gets good amount of power and pick upp. soo as rssh and mnvishnu said me to wait i think i will wait till early 08 and then book a good CAR. thanks for your ideas and suggestions Regards, Priya.
  7. The Diesel is the Best with 110 Bhp but petrol has noo much demand as diesels in great demand. if you are looking at Verna then its better you avoid th epetrol and go for the Diesel.
  8. The SX4 Zxi is the best value for money . you can also try the Chevy Optra Magnum 1.6 Petrol. followed by the Honda city.
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    i have spoken to the sales adviser of maruti dealer. she says that maruti has not told anything about splash but LIANA is sure to come is what she told me ( well i know splash will also come) may she was not informed.
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    even i am not sure wether they will launch the same model in india but this is what i found when i browsed .
  11. Yes if Sonata Embera comes then even the Laura shouldnot be missed out!
  12. Karun is still young i will support him
  13. Yes true there should be a city
  14. Honda Civic MT - 10 in city and 14 in highway.
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    yes its the Same S (suzuki) badge which is coming in all maruti cars like Swift , sx4 wagonR and all.
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    i think its Suzuki Liana and there pictures are in this link you can see it Cliana&k=suzuki%20liana&spg=2002&init=64302420040901&s_cid= NewCarSales:Suzuki autocarindia2007-10-09 22:39:56
  17. but its not advisable to go for both as these are outdated and soon may be phased out. please try a hatch like WagonR , Swift , Zen estilo ,Getz or UVa.
  18. well all these cars except Omni is selling is very low numbers and i dont think it will effect the sales and also safety norms is a must in INDIA. esteem will be soon phased out and LIANA will replace it. whereas Ford Ikon may be soon replaced to Fiesta Hatch.
  19. no i will take mndvishnus advice and not put LPG tank aftermarket coz waranty will be void and i dont want to spoil the precious money for the sake of saving some. anyway i ll know about Logan and WagonR only after the test drive this afternoon. and i also hope maruti will see that they bring in WagonR VXi DUo also.
  20. i have enquired the offers from both the maruti dealer and the Mahindra renault. Maruti is offering Free 1st year insurance plus rs 4000 gift cheque wheras the mahindrarenault are offering Nil. and i have booked a test drive this evening for both Logan and WagonR.
  21. Dear rssh, i did not say WagonR DUO but i said WagonR Vxi ABS and aftermarket LPG fitting.
  22. Yes i will have a test drive of Logan. but if its Logan that i am selecting then i am going for Logan Diesel. i checked the on Road price and it 7.6 lacs. i will give a update after the test drive .
  23. But how will the Aftermarket LPG doo. and what mailge will it give in city and highway with AC on. and will it have any effect on the engine after sometime. well i am getting the RTo approved one. what do u suggest should i go ahead with WagonR VXi ABS and LPG or some good Sedan with Airbags and good fuel efficiency at around 7 lacs
  24. well i think you can check the offers of Maruti from this website well its helps mee and it may help you in knowing the sales schemes of this month in your city and your car. cheers!!!