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  1. Yup rssh is right , it doesnot have good reliabilty too , and also 68 BHP turbo PD diesel engine is not as peppy or refined as the swift ,i heard the Deisel fab also has 3 cyl SOHC engine which means only 6 valves , not worth at all for this heavyprice tag Regards, Priya
  2. pryas

    Chevy Captiva

    CRV is petrol SUV and Captiva is a diesel one , so no competition , the fight is between the Endevour diesel and captiva diesel Regards, Priya
  3. but it has already named as Tata NANO Regards, priya
  4. good pics once again FRG , the cadiliac dint impress me , hoping for some more special and lovely cars from you Regards, Priya
  5. This car looks good and good for the joint family and as usualy we know tatas poitive point or the main stratergy is with the prciing so we can expect the pricing to be around 7 Lakhs , the seating arrangement is good too Regards, priya
  6. Welcome ishtmydog , i am sure you would like to spare some time in here and it will also help you in knowing many things too. Regards, Priya
  7. Good for the BMW , but 2010 seems a long time Regards, priya
  8. Yup , in Karnataka a 06 model City or 05 model city exi is sold for 5.5 -6 .5 Lakhs and almost every used car has a good pricing , but ultimately its good foor we new car buyers too , so its alright i am happy with this , though not for everything , esp the ROAD TAX!!!! Regards, priya
  9. The Sx4 is the best in the given pics , looks sporty too, thanks FRG Regards, Priya
  10. pryas


    Na dark blue color wasnt that good as the mint green , yup you are right the gold lacks appeal , hope someone from Maruti sees this Regards, Priya
  11. the Unircorn doesnot look all that sport from the front view but looks good in the side view , looks sporty in the side view too , good one Regards, Priya
  12. Lucky journalists , have a nice time with the Ferrari ACI team ,Enjoy , and i dont think i can go upto Blore as well coz i have a loadz to study n my exams r nearing too , anyways hope some of you might post its pics Regards, priya
  13. cool it i_see Zander has already posted 2 bikes pic in Live feed autoexpo thread 5th page , check it out Regards, Priya
  14. Well if you drive around 1000 kms P/m then wait for the Palio Diesel , if you drive around 800 kms or less than that p/m then go for the sport 1.6 regards, priya
  15. hi Zander , good pics , the suzuki biplane looks good for me Regards, Priya
  16. He he , yup intersting to see what our Gurkha has to say regarding this , atleast hope he spares some time to see the Skoda thread , all the cons of Skoda will now come out! Regards, priya
  17. Palio diesel will be launched this 2nd quarter and will be priced around 30k rs cheaper than the Swift Diesel , hope it will be a success! Regards, Priya
  18. pryas

    Chevy Captiva

    Good one Mndvishnu , so the ford endy has to watch out ! Regards, priya
  19. this car from Mitsu looks better than the montero , cool one Regards, Priya
  20. Looks fantastic , hope they get the the interiors also good and better Regards, priya
  21. Yup , FRG thanks very much for more pics , will be looking forward more from you n your gang soon Regards, Priya
  22. pryas

    Santro gone LPG

    Good info Adi , btw how much more does the LPG varaint cost when compared with the petrol Regards, priya