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  1. See someone has put a rear spoiler for 800 and it looked good and snapped some snaps of it Regards, Priya
  2. pryas

    Bajaj Lite

    Guys , the good news is that Tata's are gonna display thier 1 lakh car in Delhi auto expo tomorrow , hope some of our forum members go there and Snap a few pics of it and post it in here Regards, Priya
  3. Amazing pics mndvishnu , looks clearly awsome , i wish i could get my hands on this awsome Creature soon! i think its gonna hitt Indian roads on Dec 08 or jan 09 Regards, Priya
  4. well both these companies are bought by the Tata , no much of an intrest in here , looks quite good but not very happy with it regards Priya
  5. pryas


    It seems Sunight copper is the additional to these 9 colors in which orange too is included , i loved that Orange on the swift , it looks cool , but myself having a red swift Though! Regards, Priya
  6. FRG , Where are you , missing quite some days in the forum , well , saw you oline daybefore yesterday but its boring since you arent posting man replies , please do so , Regards, Priya
  7. Thank you Arpit , Sgiitk and Durango dude for your help , anyways , i am still in need of some advice , Ok i will surely wait for some time to fit these lights! thank you everyone for your serious advice Regards, Priya
  8. Here is some news info regarding this On its small car project, Mr. Bajaj said it would be ready in the next three to four years and would not be on Rs. 1-lakh range.
  9. pryas

    Spark vs i10

    Ok then the i10 Magna or the ra version will be the whole lott Better from buying the spark , and i personally feel the i10 is ver advanced than spark in all aspects and i feel you should buy the i10 , and harry i just gave him some option and swift was better so just gave him a 2nd opinion . Regards, Priya pryas2008-01-09 01:27:31
  10. After seeing the New corolla Pics , i feel the Civic still looks better and stylish , and as an owner wuld be glad to advicce to go with the civic , however the upcomming toyota Yaris sedan was looking awsome but it comes under the City teritory , and even the launch date of New corolla is not confirmed and the launch date of yaris sedan ill be late 08 or early 09 as said by mndvishnu, i personally feel you should go for the Civic S Regards, Priya
  11. I am not very sure when is it expected , but i am sure mndvishnu will help you out in this matter , according to me by the pics he has has shown me of the Upcomming accord , it really looks awsome , and he might help out you out! Regards, Priya
  12. pryas

    Bajaj Lite

    Great Ones Anjan , the steering looks good , the gearbox looks funny , he he , nice work from Bajaj i should say , if they price it around 1.5 lakhs should be a success! Regards, priya
  13. pryas

    Bajaj Lite

    Poor mans i10 , he he Lol , looks like a cross of i10 and estilo , he he , but looks fine enough , great info once again , but would be gald to know its specs and features plus the launch date And Dear FRG , please Merge the Thread of Bajajs car , as tehre are 3 thread regarding the same , 1 here , one by Zander and one by Rugs_tachy Regards, priya pryas2008-01-08 14:07:56
  14. Hey adi , according to me and as an owner of a civic already , i just love the Honda , its a imprssive car to be prcise , and Skoda comes no where near it , so yur queery is clear and please go ahead with the ACCORD , and you will know the difference!!!! Regards, Priya
  15. pryas

    Bajaj Lite

    So renaul and bajaj are planning to come up with a tie up car , sounds good, but i still feel maruti;s will be the better from the two of these , i hope they do it quite well , well that was indeed a good info messengerb4u Regards, Priya
  16. go to a reputed wheel alignement center and have it checked they will be knowing properly about the Wheels , and also as Gurkha suggests the Yokohoma tyres will be very fun to drive Regards, Priya
  17. I read in the newspaper than Rhino has launched a MUV in India and it costs from 6 lacs rs , anybody have any good info , specs and features and pricing of this MUV ???? Regards, priya
  18. Our Maruti Swift VXi gives 11.5 in city and 15.8 in highway with AC on Regards, priya
  19. Ok thanks for the aprox pricing range , i am sure it will give a good fight for the Optra magnum , the interior and the extirior are perfect and much better than the present elentra , good move from Hyundai! Regards, priya
  20. Thats a good name gven by the maruti , but after seeing some freat snaps of Toyota yaris sedan posted by you mndvishnu , my desire is for the yaris sedan , so no Desire for the Suzuki Dezire , but thank you for the info about the name Regards, priya
  21. Great nfo Arpit , thank you very much , how much will it cost for me to use White halogen lights on my civic ?? i dint mean the xenons as they are dammn expensive Regards, Priya
  22. Ok then thats how i got to see one here on Mangalore , it looks good and merc has better value than the BMW , but i still luv the styling and the alloy wheels of the 3 series , have a thorough test drive and Decide along with your Family member or friends Regards, Priya
  23. pryas

    Spark vs i10

    The i10 will be the better choice between the two , if you can try to strech your budget also look out for the Swift Regards, Priya
  24. pryas

    Toyota Yaris

    Looks better and cuter than the Jazz , and i think i will wait for this sizzling hott hatch or might go in for the sedan version of this hot one from Toyota , greta work once again mndvishnu Regards, Priya
  25. Great work Mndvishnu , It looks much better than the honda city , i would love to have one Regards, priya