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  1. Bringing in the New Micra would do wonders to Nissan's fortune in India!
  2. Had they brought in the Chinese iteration ACI could have titled the first drive as the " Greiz Lightning"! Oh, what a missed opportunity, Honda India! ???
  3. The Honda Griez looks a lot sharper, than the watered down version we're going get. The taillights of the Griez look great. Indian version looks like a 'nose job' only!
  4. Interior's are the talking point here. The dash is real cool! Hope it makes it to our shores.
  5. Some thing tells me this car is also going to sprout a boot and become a sedan in the not too distant future!
  6. If you have deep pockets then it will give you pleasure. If it's going to be a stretch just to buy, it's better not to buy a German, at all.
  7. There aren't any premium products for Maruti to sell through NEXA. Maruti is basically testing the waters with NEXA, I pity those guys who own this franchise and don't know how they'll be compensated. Peddling a product through NEXA means automatically lesser numbers as there are lesser showrooms, if you peg the price high then it's brought down by the market forces as a downward revision (S-Cross). I think Maruti needs to concentrate on getting the interiors right, like they have done in the Ciaz and this is sold through the regular dealerships. You can't pass off a funeral black or grey interior as premium in India. Ideal product would be the Swift Sport to start with. Then may be the full fat Kizashi relaunched with all the bells and whistles.
  8. True game changer for Skoda would be a sincere and wallet friendly ASS! They are loosing customers not coz of their car's but coz of their absolutely scary after sales service!
  9. Depends on whether you're going to keep the car or going to sell it. Brakes are an absolute essential, never leave home without it! If it's for keeps then get it replaced or sell it.
  10. I think you should do a test drive of both and decide, it would be in your best interests to do that.
  11. Looks like the chaat wala designed this car. It looks like a perfect Golgappa! Interiors are good and funky! Exterior is too funky for my taste!
  12. Thank you, BonFre, how are things with you and the forum?
  13. Some images after a long time! All from Singapore.
  14. Ciaz's front borrows heavily from the Kizashi and rear from the Honda City, side is a combination of both. Maruti has never made it big in the 3 box category after the Esteem. Perception also goes against it as a 'hatch-maker'. Honda on the other hand is the 'boss'. Ciaz must be priced not just right but real 'tight' for it to succeed, and it should perform real well in order to succeed. Ciaz has to deliver on these 3 fronts in order to succeed: tight pricing, fuel efficiency and performance. I'd choose a City any day.
  15. Best compromise, even if you aren't considering, is the Swift petrol. I drove a Swift petrol old gen second hand car from Salem to Chennai recently, it was sweet. 'Fun to Drive' is a relative term; surprised you seem to have dismissed all cars in the list as NOT fun to drive. I feel Swift even after all these years is fun enough and also value for money.
  16. Thank you. I have lost touch with the automotive world. Have taken a liking to photography. Thank you, Subhadeep, I have the Nikon D3200. This long exposure is using the Tokina 11-16mm DXII. I still have it after more than 8 years and still is giving me good service.
  17. Posting after 'eons'! My trusted '05 Elantra long exposure at Elliot's beach, Chennai!
  18. With the Cruze churning out 164 Ps wouldn't it be a little too much if the Elantra were to come out with just a 126 PS. I feel it must have received a larger diesel heart. May be they are aiming at the FE conscious. Lets see how this Hyundai D Segmenter does. It would be difficult to convince people to opt for this in place of the top end Diesel Verna.
  19. Swift ticks all the right boxes. What ever be the age or sex.
  20. Would make sense to take a long drive from Mumbai to Goa to tank up. The petrol bunks on the border must be making brisk business.
  21. How about a mobile app. too in quick succession? I'm not able to edit my profile.