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  1. Honda closes factories in Thailand due to floods there. http://www.bangkokpost.com/business/economics/260976/tssi-rises-over-900-plants-hit-by-floods How will it affect it's India operations?Durango Dude2011-10-13 12:16:50
  2. Ex-Showroom Prices for CHENNAI Model Ex-Showroom Prices (Rs.) Santro NonA/C (Solid) 285,344 Santro NonA/C (Metallic) 288,897 Santro GL Plus (Solid) 353,661 Santro GL Plus (Metallic) 357,213 Santro GLS (Solid) 376,196 Santro GL Plus (Solid) - LPG 377,020 Santro GLS (Metallic) 379,749 Santro GL Plus (Metallic) - LPG 380,573 Santro GLS (Solid) - LPG 397,979 Santro GLS (Metallic) - LPG 401,532 When a Santro with dated looks can do say 6000 k units a month at the above mentioned prices and an Alto can do 5X that figures looking like a 'prehistoric relic' I don't see any problems with an Eon doing decent numbers at the prices mentioned. For a car looking as good and interiors as good as the Eon I think 20-30k is a reasonable price to pay.
  3. Hyundai Eon Website is now on, check it out.Durango Dude2011-10-13 06:59:47
  4. Isle of Man unveils Top Gear postage stamps By Jonathon Ramsey RSS feed Posted Oct 11th 2011 9:30AM 146 Comments 4 The Isle of Man, probably best known for the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, is producing a series of stamps celebrating another well-known wheeled effort: Top Gear. There are six stamps in the collection, each "lavishly tooled" with an image of a Top Gear creation, such as the homemade electric car or the much-modified Toyota pickup from Iceland built to tackle the North Pole. It isn't the Isle's first stab at commemorative, vehicular-themed stamps: earlier this year it produced a set for the of Isle of Man TT, and sold chunks of the tarmac course to go with it. If you're keen to lick the backs of Top Gear challengers, follow the jump for the press release on the new postage. Continue Reading A? News Source: Isle of Man, Isle of Man, BBC
  5. Man power-washes his new Mercedes-Benz CLS - inside By Aaron Richardson RSS feed Posted Oct 10th 2011 12:30PM 77914 Comments134 We aren't entirely sure what's happening here. It seems a Macedonian man took his brand-new 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 CDI to the car wash and decided the interior could use some freshening up, too. Instead of doing what every other Mercedes owner would do and busting out the Armor All, this guy asked the detailers to take the power washer to the interior of his brand-new Mercedes-Benz. Mystified and horrified, the wash attendants refused. That's when the owner took things into his own hands and, well, the results are in the video after the jump. Related Gallery2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS550: Review News Source: via Carscoop Tip: Thanks to all for the tips! Image Credit: Copyright 2011 John Neff / AOL
  6. @BF: +1, makes more sense than the 'hand me downs' from Toyota (Etios).
  7. Nice pics, Scorpionragha, contrast of the canary yellow wall against the Blue Fiesta was 'striking'. The lighting in the car looks good.
  8. @Scorpionragha: Congrats, bigger and better pics needed, please; both of the interiors and exteriors. Also an initial drive review.
  9. Eon Pics in perspective with other Hyundai Hatch backs: Source: TBHP.
  10. http://www.autoblog.com/2011/10/05/stop-sale-issued-for-volkswagen-jetta-and-golf-tdi-diesel-models/ Source: Autoblog.
  11. When do we start seeing such 'fit and finish' in Indian Fiats? Interiors looks far better than the GP sold here. Instead of making cars here, Fiat will be better of getting CKD's from else where.
  12. The day they announced the prices of the New Fiesta there was a collective 'groan' from all quarters. It's priced way above the market perception and this has resulted in fewer cars sold. Though dynamically sound, it lacks features and power which is why Verna sells more and is seen as VFM though it may not be that good in the handling dept.Durango Dude2011-10-06 12:57:47
  13. http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/10/06/us-apple-jobs-idUSTRE79472K20111006 The former CEO of Apple Inc is no more. He leaves behind an awe inspiring legacy which will be hard to emulate and I wish his successor all the best.
  14. It's got a fresh look and agree with A Sethi as we scroll down it gets a little cluttered.
  15. Congrats, Scorpionragha, kindly post pics and initial ownership reports of your New Fiesta Diesel. I'm yet to see a new Fiesta and also haven't seen the new Swift till date.Durango Dude2011-10-05 13:21:54
  16. @Sstar: This Dzire looks much better than the previous one and duck back is totally missing and very proportional.
  17. Famous Nano on fire, owner Satish Sawant and Driver had a narrow escape after being warned of the fire from the rear of the car by a two wheeler rider. The owner has accepted compensation and decided not to pursue the matter further as things were affecting his 'job'. We have also had a member(Carbon/RKNG) who kept a fire extinguisher in his Nano that saved him from the Nano getting burned down after it ignited. http://archive.autocarindia.com/autocar_forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=8296&PN=3 Lesson: a) Keep fingers crossed with Nano. No after market fitment of any thing: run it stock, even this doesn't guarantee it will not ignite. c) don't buy the Nano till the Tata Nano ignite edition is phased out and Tata comes out with the truth or taken to court through a PIL.Durango Dude2011-10-04 16:53:48
  18. What I'd like to see in the Honda City facelift: SX4 ZXI sized rubber & all round discs for that reassuring grip with all the performance on tap. Interiors: Change in the centre console to give it a premium feel and addition of CD player and ACC. That would make the City rock.Durango Dude2011-10-04 16:26:17
  19. Figo/Indica, choices are limited to these in this price range, may have a look at the used car market for better choices.Durango Dude2011-10-04 12:57:42
  20. @eskay: You have a whole lot of info about the Sunny here, continue to discuss in this thread.
  21. The inside temperatures of a car parked in the sun for long hours can go up; leading to degeneration of plastics of the dash and steering wheel. Try out the blinds for the front and rear glass or better still good quality cover like Tyvek.
  22. Get a tall boy with ease of ingress/egress. Ritz short listed by you, must be a good option. Also try out the i10 and Eon.
  23. Congrats, AMG. Great work, more pics of the exterior and interiors.
  24. With the big boys turning to the low cost and hatch segment it would appear so. Tata should concentrate more on quality, reliability and fit and finish to keep customers happy. I TDed an Indigo diesel in 2005 and my 6 year old Accent fared far better all round than a new Indigo parked in the showroom, they served me some of the best tea I had tasted.Durango Dude2011-10-02 04:31:16
  25. They can't go back to the "hey" days even when the face lift comes, see what happened to the Jazz prices for the face lifted version. With their new plant opened they need to sell as many pieces as possible to stay afloat. They better innovate and bring in a smart hybrid and price it right or get diesel tech from else where. Honda prices are dropping at alarming pace that will even hit the resale of it's cars that have been at the pinnacle all these years. __________________