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  1. Light clutch, that's a boon the old car quiet a 'hard' clutch and was a pain to drive in the city where you couldn't more than 3rd gear. the 0-100 kmph figures come as a surprise as the power has been upped quiet a bit may be it boils down to the tall gearing in the interests of fuel efficieny.
  2. What a pleasant surprise; couldn't believe my eyes for a moment. Finally our prayers have been answered.
  3. Hope with the face lift they also lift up the body a little so she doesn't scrape her belly that often.
  4. @Nishu: Congrats on the 'sensible' buy. This car ticks all the right boxes. Drive safe and keep us posted as to how it behaves in the long term.
  5. Pic from my vacation to Europe with family. This pic taken just outside Lauterbrunnen station from a train to Jungfraujoch, Switzerland. Leaning Tower of Pisa Swiss Alps Durango Dude2012-06-11 01:53:58
  6. http://youtu.be/BhKaedPTtTg Video link. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/eastasia/view/1202134/1/.html News Link.
  7. @sb_alto: Thanks for the advice. I had no time to change settings, as these are timid animals and don't stay still for long.
  8. Squirrel waited till I could frame it.
  9. Front looks like the Honda City and rear like the Nissan Sunny, except it's a lot shorter than the Sunny.
  10. @Nishu: How about the Ertiga? I like the raised driving position and the great GC at 185mm and choice of diesel and petrol and also the space and boot on offer would be a good highway car and also practical.
  11. @sb_alto: Congrats on the New Lap top. All the best in your studies at Hyderabad. Thanks for your comments on the Super Moon.
  12. It's too little and too late. It will be swamped by newer cars like the Dzire etc. How ever cheaper they may make it to buy and own. I think giving it a face lift isn't going to make it come back into the buyer's radar.Durango Dude2012-05-09 14:53:38
  13. @BF: Thanks, I'm not a guru by a long shot, just a novice. Nikon Coolpix P510 cost me Rs.23,232 on Flipkart; though I got lower quotes from Ebay the merchants and their advt's were absolutely shady. Quotes on Ebay go down to as much as Rs. 22,950. The MRP on nikon.co.in is Rs. 23,950. @Librankur: Thanks.
  14. My first hand held Moon Shot. I feel more elated than Neil Armstrong. Durango Dude2012-05-06 17:21:22
  15. @CB: Thanks, I may not do that but may give a moon shot a try, but have failed this far, unable to get the settings for the "moon", with tomorrow being full moon I think I shall give it a shot. Mean while I'd like sb_alto to guide me as to how to get it right.
  16. I think this pic will give an idea as to the P510's capabilities. I have been running after pigeons ever since I got the camera. Here are some hand held night pics and flowers and coconut pods so you can get an idea. Durango Dude2012-05-04 11:49:01
  17. @CB & Goenka: Those DSLR's are coming at 'Bridge' prices. The reason to choose the Nikon Coolpix P510 is it's incredible Optical zoom of 42x, going from 24mm all the way to 1000mm in DSLR terms it will mean 3 sets of very expensive lenses. I got it yesterday and results are good.
  18. Some one's making a killing. Just 2 centers for the entire city. How will they be able to cope with the demand?
  19. @sb_alto: Congrats on the filters. I have booked a 'Bridge': Nikon Coolpix P510 has impressive specs; I'm eagerly awaiting delivery from Flipkart. My trusty Samsung Digimax S600 called it a day after serving me exceedingly well for almost 5 years. I get a white overexposed image for last few weeks. What could be the defect? Is it serviceable?
  20. @asethi919: Long time no see. So your baby is 1 year old. Given our road conditions all cars are bound to creak and groan sooner or later. Happy Motoring.
  21. Hope MSIL has a worthy successor to follow it up with. Hope they don't replace it with some dud like they did with Zen with the Zen Estilo.
  22. Thanks, Guillame for sharing the pics and great coverage.