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  1. Congrats Nishu, on the bike and the car combo. @sb_alto: All the best in your studies in H'bad.
  2. @Scorpion Ragha: Your car looks gleaming and ready to rock.
  3. Congrats on the Linea MJD, Luukie. Try reducing the tyre pressure to remove the hard edge to the ride. Our member, J Ravi has gone 'places' with his Linea he can give you a lot of insight, his is a 1.4 FIRE, though.
  4. Congrats on the Superb. Diesel or Petrol? Post pics.
  5. What about the new all in one: Ertiga. If you rule it out you'll regret.
  6. It's a sure hit and first thing it will hit is the SX4. Its a sedan/MUV/large hatch rolled into one, with the that sort of pricing it will kill many birds at one go. Maruti is going to have a many miles long waiting list with this product too. Maruti is in real trouble! Kind of trouble many auto makers would die for: unable to satiate demand for its products.Durango Dude2012-03-24 08:01:09
  7. @Nishu: that is a m800 crossover. Nice catch. Could be the poor mans alterantive to the Mini Cooper Countryman.
  8. Congrats Sstar to you and your family on the new Ritz. Its a diesel, LDI I guess.
  9. A SUV Convertible !?! Sure Car makers are running out of options. I think it's profile looks odd to awkward to me.
  10. @Ashikawa: Nice update. I think that 19K you paid up front is starting to pay off. How long does that 19K last? Meaning how many years and services does it cover?
  11. I disagree, I have had silver for 6 years now, sure it may look dull, but hides scratches like none other. But agree with white. I have seen a White Etios and looks very good. @BF: How did you turn around to buy a Toyota again? You had some strong opinions about Toyota's brakes.
  12. Nokia announces a 41 MP camera for it's 808 Pure View, N8 successor. http://www.theverge.com/2012/2/27/2827158/nokia-808-pureview-launch-pictures-video-preview
  13. @BF: I think you can also add the new Dzire to the list, it looks attractive and it's not bigger than a hatch and under 4 metres. That boot looks like a sawn off shot gun. Very sexy and very unlike the outgoing dzire which had a boot looking like a duck's behind.Durango Dude2012-02-26 06:54:58
  14. Congrats Kushal, keep us posted with initial ownership and pics too.
  15. @scorpionragha: Congrats on your car reaching a milestone. Wish it serves you well for many more years to come. Looks very well maintained for a car that has clocked 100k kms.
  16. Boost may be the secret of Ford's energy; but hope they price it well or it will be a 'Boost' that no one wants, like the new Fiesta. Nice one CB.
  17. @Ramesh Babu: With the blessings of Sri Vari, you will complete the years of service and also come to like Mumbai. Sri Vari may have his Sannidhi in Tirumala but is omnipotent. Good to hear that your Xylo is serving you well. Happy relocation.
  18. Thanks CB for the update. Durango Dude2012-02-20 07:42:32
  19. Congrats, BF. Is it the 16 GB model? How is 'Siri'? How is 8MP camera? Expecting a few pics from your DSLR and the iPhone 4S, long over due.Durango Dude2012-02-15 07:50:56
  20. This looks like a blown up Yeti, especially the front end. The interiors have seen a huge jump in quality at least in the photo's.
  21. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Nishu.
  22. @sb_alto: Nokia comes with navigation free for life.
  23. Don't know if it cut ice with the Indian customer, it looks like a hatch and Civic is a 'big' ticket car and a prominent boot is a must not a hatch or a notch. It looks good. The US model looks a lot tamer and has received a luke warm response and isn't that awe inspiring as the Indian Civic.