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  1. News is Nissan has sold 5200 units and mighty Honda has sold only 1800 units, how the tables have turned.
  2. Congrats Goenka Kushal, I'd first suggest a wider set of tyres and also there have been some apprehensions about mediocre brakes on LDI/LXI and VDI/VXI. Keep that in mind and check it out.
  3. Born Free is in the hunt for a new car and has been ignoring the Swift only because of the long queue. May be he'll take a long drive from Mumbai to his home town.
  4. This doesn't look like a mini Xylo, looks like a mini XUV 500.
  5. These would most probably run on adulterated fuel consisting of kerosene, so no one would steal it. I think the Govt. should halt/discourage development of such contraptions, aren't auto rickshaw's enough menace? There have been enough accidents in Chennai with these 'fish' carts moving around at breakneck speeds and I think they have no insurance and registration as well; making them "above the law". I'd take the first four letters from Bullet and call it nothing but 'Bull' sh*t.
  6. Diesel 'fish' carts, OMG. Is RE that desperate?
  7. @AMG: I think you need to edit the thumbs down icon to thumbs up. Colorful cars on the lush green lawns what a sight it would have been.
  8. Bookings have opened today. But I'd say wait; till it becomes 'reasonably' niggle free.
  9. GM is back on top as the world's No: 1 car maker and Cruze has been declared a smash hit. GM sold 9.03 million vehicles in 2011 as compared to VW, which sold 8.16 million, Toyota estimated to have sold 7.9 million (official figures are awaited). http://indianautosblog.com/2012/01/general-motors-is-the-largest-auto-manufacturer-in-the-world?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+IndianAutosBlog+%28Indian+Autos+blog%29
  10. @Ramesh Babu: First Congrats on your elevation as AGM. Sri Vari's blessings will always be with you, since He is omnipresent. I think you have your lovely website with all his pictures to keep you company on the web. We shall miss you for the next couple of months till you find your feet in Navi Mumbai. Godspeed and all the best.
  11. Another super hit in the making for Maruti; looks much better than the previous model, the tail lights from side profile bear a resemblance to the Kizashi's
  12. Hours of work by my wife and daughter (done on 14th night and 15th morn) done at my residence entrance for Pongal. Durango Dude2012-01-16 02:11:32
  13. Shifted to iPhone 4 finally. Yet to get the GPRS settings from Aircel.
  14. Wishing all a very Happy Pongal, Makkar Sankranthi and Lohri wishes.Durango Dude2012-01-14 15:44:25
  15. Pic of our pooja room with just the pair of diya's to add to the eerie effect and the sunset from my open terrace taken with the Nokia N8.
  16. Thanks, Nishu for posting pics of the Auto Expo.
  17. Nice car how was your experience with the Cruze these 2 months?
  18. I feel Carlos Ghosn may throw up the first time he set's his eyes on this Forkless Fork Lift. Imagine Renault Nissan being even remotely involved with a project like this. I think they should shelve this ULC project and start 'importing' golf carts.
  19. OMG no wonder Bajaj is dragging it's feet. It's one crappy looking bug that could get sucked into the air dam of a bus or an SUV. I think plastic toys you buy for Rs.10 will have better workmanship than this. Bajaj would do better to add four doors for it's RE Auto rickshaw than this. This nothing but a glorified lawn mower passing of as a car, even better, looks like a 'Fork Lift' sans the fork's.lol.
  20. Live Webcast of New Linea and Punto launch today at 1.30pm.http://t.ymlp325.net/wmaxaeeesaiauusaxauebeeu/click.php Fiat India's website has been recently hacked twice so be careful when you navigate there.Durango Dude2012-01-03 02:25:46