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  1. @ktoo: You are probably the first person I have come across with an i20 1.4 petrol AT. Kindly give us an ownership review. It's bound to be sluggish due to power sapping 4 speed gear box it comes with, even though it has 100 bhp.
  2. @Meiyappan, welcome to the forums and sorry to hear about your problems with the Nissan Micra. I think you should have a look at the announcements section to get familiar with the rules and regulations of the forum, also take time out to read through what you have typed before you hit 'submit'. I have edited your post as it was done with undue haste and made very little sense.
  3. Good stickied topic, will sure go a long way in keeping the forum clean.
  4. @BF: Swift it is. Others are a compromise. 'Savour' the pleasure of a long wait and since you already have rides and its not your first, I'd suggest you wait. I have seen Swift (new) in white and it looks good, especially the taillights look gorgeous. Whats it gonna be: ZXI?Durango Dude2011-12-03 12:26:59
  5. Today's Hindu shows that Auto Sales of November are picking up after a bad October. But Maruti is still down due to the strike. follow the link to read more: http://www.thehindu.com/business/Industry/article2678652.eceDurango Dude2011-12-02 07:10:37
  6. Just for the heck of it wanted to try out the Rs.1502/3GB/1month plan so recharged with it, am on prepaid. Its working fine but expensive. After doing this I realised there is a 1250 10 GB plan. Find below Aircel 3G Data plans for Chennai. Durango Dude2011-12-02 02:06:47
  7. Did a speed test of my Aircel 3G on my N8 here are the results:
  8. I won't be visiting the fuel pump any time soon. So let's see how the fuel prices 'yoyo' and if I'm lucky, it may come down when I'm due for a refill.
  9. @sb_alto: You don't need a mirror, you car is one.
  10. Knowing Honda, "Even if they are late, they will be out with the latest" (quoting Thalaivar Rajini's dialogue). I think now Honda can silence all it's critic's in India, now that they have also learnt their lesson in pricing, I believe, they will also price it right.
  11. There is an instance of "Xtreme" addiction, if you can call it that; a close relative of mine who lives abroad has a debilitating illness and hasn't been working full time for some months due to the illness and mind you he is the sole earning member of the family; what he does is goes ahead and buys an E Class estate 350 CDI for a whopping $142,000. We were all stunned by his decision when he sent pics of his new ride. He calls it "retail therapy" of sorts for all that he's been through. If this isn't addiction I don't know what is...
  12. After Maruti, Hyundai to face the "labor" heat. Follow the link for more: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/companies/article2642498.ece?ref=wl_opinion
  13. Looking from the impact, it seems that the A, B Pillar and roof took the hit and was ripped out and though there will be curtain airbags the sensors may have failed to detect the crash and A Pillar has hit the driver leading to the injury. This may have happened when you try an over taking manoeuvre from the left of the slow moving truck with barely enough space and the truck may have swerved to the left resulting in the hit at high speed. The S Class is more than 5 metres long and almost 2 metres wide. One should also recollect that Princess Di also had fatal crash in an S Class.
  14. http://bharathautos.com/mercedes-s-class-technical-failure-claims-life-of-27-year-old-man-in-jaipur.html Here is the info and photo's of the crashed S Class sifted from the web.
  15. Sorry to hear about your brother's accident and subsequent demise accept our heartfelt condolences. It's surprising that airbags didn't deploy.
  16. Sad to hear of this, hope you have placed a police complaint and informed insurance and gotten an FIR copy of the same. Kindly elaborate when time permits, I know you must be stressed out running around. Hoping you get back your 'black beast'.
  17. All these safety features can't replace the ***** behind the wheel, who is the prime reason for all accidents, coupled with the roads, obstacles, holy cows and fellow citizens and of course those on cell phones while crossing the road and at the wheel and also drunken driving. On the same note why do we need newer cars at all, Mo.Faeq we could do with the old Amby and Premier's and be happy to trundle along like we have been a few decades ago. I have been driving a car with all the above features for the last six years and you will know the difference once you are in a panic braking situation.
  18. You are asking the question and answering it too, nice.Thread closed.
  19. Search the forum for Hyundai Verna Fluidic. Thread closed.
  20. Honda is going on a sketetal shift and stopping production of City and Brio and they are just keeping the Jazz rolling: Thai Flood effect.Durango Dude2011-11-24 06:48:42
  21. Sunny is a good car; along with the exterior I only wish they had also given the dash a more grown up look instead of looking like the Micra. All it needs is a diesel mill to really take off.
  22. This can be a replacement for the Santro.
  23. Will do well with a 1 litre diesel mill and in the petrol avatar will be a good competition to the Brio. 2013 is far off there will many other launches by other makers before that. Hopefully Maruti and Hyundai will launch their 1 litre diesel mills in their small cars by then. The entry level is getting very interesting and fiercely competitive; good for the customer.