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  1. Congrats Cyrus, but the part above is what I can't digest, you a novice!!??!!.
  2. When my fuel gauge was reading 115 kms to empty they raised the price by 1.85/lit and I didn't bother to fill up as these rises have become too frequent, by the time my petrol gauge read 70 kms to empty they reduced it by 2.34/lit so went to the fuel pump filled tank and redeemed 1700 turbo points and felt happy about it.
  3. I think this will priced close to the Figo which it resembles. the sides looks Getz like, behind looks like a Figo. It's looks like a design that will look old at launch itself.
  4. Have you heard of a 74%-110% increase in power tariff, yes, Jaya has announced it in TN. On one hand they dole out freebies on the other they deliver a KO (Knock Out) to the states economy. to read more follow the link. http://www.thehindu.com/news/states/tamil-nadu/article2636017.ece
  5. @CB: i agree with sb_alto with the petrol prices going up I think it would be better if you stuck around with 165. The steering effort may increase with 185 and FE also will suffer. We all know how the roads are in Chennai and don't go in for a soft compound tyre like Michelin which will wear out fast.
  6. It's not a refresh; Fiat is restarting it's production of the Linea which it had stopped for clearing the piled up inventory.
  7. @Nishu: Is Micra that bad sounding and unrefined? I haven't driven it but was given to think that it was pretty refined and great driveability and soft suspension: good for city and great FE.
  8. This Pixo is a badge engineered A Star produced along side A Star at Manesar. Probably, Nissan may be shifting it's production to Chennai or is it still going to roll out of Maruti assembly lines remains to be seen.
  9. IPhone 4 has got a bug fix for the battery drain associated with iOS 5, I have updated it and now the battery life seems better. I updated last night.
  10. So the Alto has been given a new lease of life. How is it to drive? Looks like they have done a thorough job. Durango Dude2011-11-15 17:34:14
  11. good news sb_alto. But my advice would be to dispose of the car as soon as possible.Durango Dude2011-11-14 07:12:35
  12. Thank you sb_alto for the reply to BF's query, it was really enlightening. I'm basically a point and shoot guy and use the camera mainly for kindling memories. I like my pics to come out with max effect with minimum equipment. In fact I use my N8 more than my point and shoot's. I use edit feature of Picasa for added effect. Here's an example of a sunset taken with my N8 from a moving train and slightly altered in Picasa . Clay artefacts hung up for sale at Dakshinachithra on ECR again with my N8. Durango Dude2011-11-13 09:03:00
  13. HM has sold 161 units of Amby and Mitsubishi has sold 224 units mainly comprising the old Pajero workhorse which sold 150 units, in Oct 2011. I think the company and management have slipped into a deep coma and should be put on ventilatory (BIFR) support. HM Mitsubishi is one company that is worse off than Fiat (which at least sold close to 700 units in Oct 2011). New product launches: forget it.
  14. All Nissan would have to do is bring out the Nissan Pixo in India (badge engineered A *) with the old Swift headlamps. Let's see if this sells. Who knows may be a runaway hit with the Swift like nose. Lets wait for the price and if Guillame and his source are correct and if Renault prices this Pulse above 6L, then it will be left 'pulseless'.Durango Dude2011-11-11 01:54:26
  15. At the rate Mitsubishi and HM are going both will become 'mirage' in few years time, in India.
  16. Strike at Maruti is taking a heavy toll. I think MSIL should do all it can for a resolution of the impasse at the earliest. Not only is MSIL loosing money, it is a confidence busting event and it will also loose the precious good will it has garnered over decades. I think instead of accelerating the line to produce 1200 cars/day instead of the present 1152 cars/day it can add another shift and add another factory instead of taxing already tired workers into increasing their productivity which may ultimately become counter productive. @kalyansundar: I think i20 would be a great choice.
  17. Even A Star was great in concept form but got watered down too much when it came to production line. This looks like a future direction of the Swift: looks like a present Swift in modern guise.
  18. Looks like a 'pucca' Yamadoot.
  19. @sgmuser: Get it done through Maruti dealership so your warranty stays intact. Better than loosing a whole lot of cash when you sell and buy a new car.
  20. I think the best solution without loosing a lot of money would be for you to fit in an LPG/CNG kit. It would be much better than selling a good new car.
  21. Sales of Eon stands at 6315 for the month of October it's eaten into the Santro which has fallen to 3141. It remains to be seen how it moves from here. Honda has sold 1220 Brio's in October 2011. With the price of petrol skyrocketing it's no wonder that even FE petrol hatchbacks are falling off the buyer's radar.
  22. Of the lot Swift would be my pick. Liva D is a car that you will fall in love with time: may not be love at first sight. i20 is also a good car with premium feel and expensive in comparison to the other two. Swift has been "oversubscribed" many times over and today's 'The Hindu' has a headline article enlisting the woes of the worker's at MSIL and they seem to be a harrowed lot for sure. Wonder when the labor issue will get sorted out and MSIL's market share has come down to 39.5% due to the strike.
  23. @kalyansundar: Welcome to the Forums. Visit the announcements section. Have a pleasant stay.
  24. I'm still using N8 as my daily phone and don't want to cut the sim for the Iphone, now after having both I'm beginning to appreciate N8 more with the great features and the way 3G operates and also the better battery life of N8 with 3G on always and also how 3G operates with N8 and the IPhone which I believe has poor battery life with iOS 5, which I have upgraded to almost immediately after I got it. Only place the IPhone shines is the smooth OS great retina display and how you can video chat on the IPhone 4 using Skype, whereas symbian still doesn't support video chat on Skype. The great deal clincher for me is the greatest camera ever on a mobile phone on the N8, which is much better than the Nikon S4000 which I have. In the N8 after you exit the mail client the 3G switches off, an arrow mark indicates when the 3G is active and when it switches off there is no such indication in the Iphone4. But in the Iphone 4 the 3G stays on and has to be manually switched off by going to the settings. My son uses Android phone and also have a the Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 which is good. I'm slowly getting to know what works best for me. I still feel IPhone 4 is mainly a status symbol, a phone that you can flash, but has a lot of weaknesses that are glossed over because of the hype surrounding it. I have now started using 'Mail for exchange(MfE)' to sync contact list from my N8 to IPhone 4 via Gmail a/c, it works well, there was a bug in the N8 software that prevented me from creating an MfE now thats sorted out with a software update from Nokia at the right time.Durango Dude2011-11-05 17:53:36
  25. I get between 7 and 8 kmpl in the city that's what I meant in my reply. 5-6 kmpl is what you can expect from a V6 Sonata in Indian conditions.