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  1. Hyundai Tucson was sold in India too with a 2.0 L diesel engine only. It did not sell well here and the 2.7 V6 gasoline last saw service in India in the Hyundai Sonata. In Indian traffic conditions it delivered mileage in the region of 5 KMPL or less in city conditions. My Elantra 1.8L manual gasoline gives same mileage as your V6 Tucson, in city traffic conditions. Thanks for the pics and update.Durango Dude2011-11-04 17:17:02
  2. @sb_alto: Nice one, liked the pics very much.
  3. Become a member of MMSC and buy a covered container truck and put your Lambo in it and take it to Irungaatukoottai and then drive your Lambo there. The heavens have opened up in Chennai and the roads are in shambles. Now tell me how would drive an Aventador on roads pictured above. Durango Dude2011-11-03 16:02:51
  4. Johnny come lately, Nissan, is able to do close to 3000 units whereas Fiat is down in the dumps with 622 units. Will Fiat be around in India same time next year? Remains to be seen. I think it will be a good proposition if Fiat became an "OEM" engine supplier to all the other car makers in India. The moment Tata washes it's hands off Fiat it will definitely need a BIFR bailout.
  5. I'm sick and tired of this. I have already accumulated 1736 turbo points on my Credit Card so shall redeem it for free fuel. I'm not running around for this and there's at least another 1/4 tank petrol left in the car.
  6. @Crazy Doc: May be Skoda added a little more insulation to reduce diesel clatter. Between the Laura and Jetta (new) I feel the Laura is more mature and luxurious than the Jetta, but that can be subjective.
  7. Pricing of the Rapid will be a notch below the Vento, I guess. I have always fancied Skoda's interior quality to that of VW: which is more plain and workman like. Hope the audio system comes with USB/AUX connectivity. Good to hear that the diesel is more refined in the Rapid: but again that may be subjective.
  8. @AMG1: Got tired of the M800 so fast. So whats the next car going to be?
  9. Clearly, Renault hasn't got it's fingers on the 'Pulse' of the Indian market.
  10. @sb_alto: After seeing the pics I know why you don't want to let go of the Alto. Looks better than a new one, has received a lot of "TLC". If it's only a matter of 4K it's worth giving a try. Lets hope Maruti works a miracle to get the vehicle back to it's original form. After the vehicle is repaired be sure to put it up the ramp at the work shop itself and do a thorough examination before taking delivery.
  11. This is the most 'ungainly' looking Ferrari, period, the proportions are all screwed up with the 'shooting brake' shape.
  12. @sb_alto: Great catch. I prefer the Micra to this. This nothing but a badge engineered Micra with no Renault trademark design quirks at all. Doesn't look like a Renault at all.
  13. @Vipul: So your dad's judgement was right. It's good to know that the Toyota Corolla diesel isn't as under powered as it's figures suggest.
  14. Diwali Smog Visibility zilch, drive carefully.
  15. Congrats on the City and it's a great deal, drive safe and have a great Diwali, nice pics, Vipul.
  16. Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali. Checkout the discounts 'Pataka' from our car makers at this link on ACI: http://www.autocarindia.com/News/277623,automotive-crackers-this-diwali.aspx
  17. I think I'm an A(pple) and A(ndroid) critic I'm one of the few guys in the world who can't seem to let go of Symbian, waiting for my beautiful 'Belle' upgrade.Durango Dude2011-10-25 02:05:55
  18. You really did that?? I think the dealers will black list your name and not give you a TD at all. Was that intentional or an accident. I think you will do "best" with a short wheelbase version of the Thar, nothing else for 'Leshy" to get of some 'sticky' situations.
  19. @Born Free: Factory unlocked Iphone 4 16 GB costs 33-35k, but 'outside' unlocked like Gevey and O2 unlocked ones are available at the rate you quoted at around 25k. The listing in Ebay.in. The cost of the 4S version is given below I think it's 32 or 64 GB version, also from Ebay.in .
  20. I'd say build good roads instead of an extra F1 track. Good roads and infrastructure is what our country needs.
  21. @sb_Alto: Congrats. Impressive camera, don't worry the 'over smart phone' of yours will be very reliable as compared to other 'smart' phones. Durango Dude2011-10-24 14:19:36
  22. @Stackoverflow: My Elantra 1.8 doesn't give 8.5 kmpl city mileage. I think the mileage is 4 kmpl and below as Sarabjeet has said. This is one car that you can do without. Don't buy it even if given free; 4L: the owner is trying to rip you off. Beware.
  23. Other than "pick-me-ups" these pickups are the rage in Thailand. Have not seen a Xenon or Getaway. I don't think it will cut ice with the Indian market.Durango Dude2011-10-22 16:31:12
  24. @sarabjeet: That's a lot less for the job done.
  25. I have got an Iphone 4 and yesterday I spent the better part filling it with my contacts the good old way: tap tap and last night I got in the 196 essential of the 271 after salving many duplicates, next I have to cut my SIM and added to that I can't connect via bluetooth to anything but a hands free. I feel I'm being hemmed in by Apple: must have been destined by God for such success with all the limitations, built in. Had this been done on any other phone it would have fallen flat on it's face. I still can't bring myself to cut my 14 year old business SIM to be stuck with "the forbidden fruit" called Apple IPhone 4. Sure it has great UI and OS and very refined: agree with Rahul on that but it's a huge price to pay to cut your SIM card to size so that it will not fit into any other phone. My question is: suppose the Apple goes "rotten" then what? The answer is the whole world is doing it so what are you waiting for, but I'm not that sure. I guess people buy it for the 'status' and instant recognition it gets the world over, more than anything else. Guess I'm not 'Adam' enough to take a bite and get marooned on 'Island Apple'.Durango Dude2011-10-22 02:36:44