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  1. @BS: I second CB. Samsung is quiet good. I have had it for a month, I think, no problems. It has a mini SIM slot and have used my BSNL 3G sim with no problems. Skype has received an upgrade on gingerbread and it supports video calls too, now. Ipad 2 has cult status in the US. Cutting mini SIM to micro is no big deal it can be done for Rs.50. I did that to my BSNL 3G SIM when I got an IPhone 4 a few days back. There are also adapters available o convert Micro to Mini SIM, just like you have adapters to fit micro SD card into SD/SDHC slots. Haven't used iPad 2 so can't comment. But I feel that Samsung has the advantage of Flash support and it doesn't have to go through iTunes for everything and is recognized by my new windows 7 computer as pt-7500. Have a touch and feel of both the Samsung Galaxy tab 750 and iPad2 and then decide what suits you best. All the best.Durango Dude2011-10-21 06:27:58
  2. @Nishu: Congrats, how much did it cost? I have Nikon S4000.
  3. Give the Etios Liva diesel a try,a adequate power, Toyota, huge space and should give good mileage and should be available off the shelf and with discounts thrown in for the festive season as it's not selling as well as expected. Of late I'm seeing a lot of Fabia's on the roads, with deals and festive offers, yes Skoda ASS is always a damocles sword but has the feel good factor. Swift has a huge wait list and due to Maruti's "labor" pains gestation/delivery may be really long drawn for the one who books it now.Durango Dude2011-10-20 07:12:00
  4. Why did you ignore the Liva, have a look. I'd ignore Figo petrol: poor performance and FE. Of the lot Brio is promising: combo of Honda, power and FE is a great pull.
  5. Nice job done, how much were the damamges?
  6. This will undercut the XUV by a huge margin, I think, or it will fail to sell. The rear looks more Chinese and the appearance of the present Safari is much better.
  7. Maruti still commands 43% market share and is the leader with Hyundai a distant second with just 20%. Maruti's USP is affordable, fuel efficient cars and off late an infusion excitement in the form of Swift, which has garnered mind boggling number of bookings. It will not just fade away. It has the biggest network of sales and service outlets in the country. It will grow once it concentrates on it's core capabilities and doesn't divert attention and resources into Grand Vitara's and Kizashi's, which should be just showcase models to let the world know what it's capable of.
  8. Congrats on the Vento TDI Highline. Had you waited a few days longer you would have got the USB and Aux in, coz I think VW has added these features, now. Ask VW if they can add these features in your car. Have a great time with the 'Wind' from VW and post some pics too.
  9. @sb_alto: I don't think it's a wise thing to spend huge amounts on your 7 year old Alto thats done 85k kms. I suggest you go for a quick fix solution of getting the wheel well properly welded and sell it away "silently".
  10. @A Sethi: I think you can register on DND Registry and then if you start receiving calls then your 'tormentor's' can be liable for a fine up to Rs.50k by the cell phone co you are with to be deposited with TRAI, read in the Hindu a few days back, about an incident.
  11. I think the bumper and boot lid have taken the hit and the fenders seem to be OK. The muffler seems to be hit by the bumper and is jutting out beneath it. I think it should be over by around 10-15 K, my guess.
  12. @Sarabjeet: Good that you have taken a lighter note of the whole incident, I would have flipped.
  13. @sb_alto: Very sorry to hear of this 'freak' accident. I'm also concerned that's its through the metal. Problem is, I had a similar problem with my M800 and it was OK, in summer but come rains, the left front passenger leg area started to flood with water. So get it repaired properly and during rains check for leaks, it was a real headache and after driving in the rains I used to come back and clean my car for an hour at least, used to be real frustrating. Please don't think I sound discouraging but the wheel well crack may become a source of leak during rains.
  14. The 5th generation Suzuki Alto was released in October, 1998 as a 3-door and a 5-door sedan. Suspension remained the same and wheelbase is now 236 cm. The engines are the 3-cylinder 657 cc OHC 2-valve (still with carburettor, leaving this to be the last bonnet type kei car without injection) and 4-valve as well as OHC 2-valve turbo. New is the all aluminium 3-cylinder 658 cc DOHC 4-valve without turbo next to the one with turbo. Four-wheel-drive is available as usual. In October, 1999 arrived a retro version, the Alto C. By October, 1999 the carburettor engine was deleted, and by May, 2000 the OHC 2-valve turbo engine. A Mazda clone came in October, 1998. In September, 2000 the Maruti Alto (5-door only) was introduced in India, with a choice of a 3-cylinder 796 cc or a 4-cylinder 1061 cc engine with 4 valves per cylinder. The car is 10 cm longer and 2 cm wider than the Japanese version. The latter one arrived in Europe by spring, 2002 as next generation Suzuki Alto. By 2000 came in Latin America the Chevrolet Alto with a 4-valve 4-cylinder 996 cc engine. The second generation Suzuki Wagon R arrived in October, 1998 also again on the same floorpan as the Alto, body types remained the same and the engines are the 3-cylinder 657 cc OHC 4-valve or turbo 2-valve as well as the light alloy 3-cylinder 658 cc DOHC 4-valve. A different grille and front bumper are used in the Wagon R RR with the 3-cylinder light alloy DOHC 4-valve turbo 658 cc engine with 64 PS (such a vehicle was already introduced in the previous Wagon R line in January, 1998 as a limited edition). In April, 2000 the 4-door (2+1) body was deleted after only one and a half year, together with the 3-cylinder 657 cc OHC 4-valve engine. The 657 cc turbo disappeared in January, 2002. This engine had also been used in the Wagon R RR, and the Wagon R now had the 658 cc DOHC 4-valve turbo available. A Mazda clone came in October, 1998. In May, 1999 came the Suzuki Wagon R+ with the same engines as before. The car was widened to 162 cm and has a length of 351 cm. In November, 2000 the Wagon R+ was renamed Suzuki Wagon R Solio, a 1.3 engine became available, while the 1.0 turbo was deleted. By December, 1999 arrived a retro version of the Wagon R. By January, 2001 the vehicle with 1.0 and 1.3 engine became available in Japan as Chevrolet MW. At the end of 1999 began production in India of the Maruti Wagon R with a 1061 cc engine and a width of 149.5 cm. In the export the vehicle is available with a 1298 cc OHC 4-valve engine (spring 2000) and is also built as Opel Agila and Vauxhall Agila with Opel engines (summer 2000). In December, 2001 arrived the Suzuki MR Wagon with the same technical data as the Wagon R (55 mm lower). A Nissan clone, called Nissan Moco arrived in April, 2002. What about the Eeco, thats also ancient Suzuki Every Landy. If this isn't ancient then what is? I rest my case. VW Beetle/Fiat 500/Citroen 2CV are life style retro vehicles that will sell in small numbers. Maruti's new cars are Ritz/Swift/SX 4/Kizashi/GV. Hyundai's contribution to the olden goldies is Santro , Accent and Sonata, atleast they are refurbishing the range , where as Suzuki is resting on its laurels. Durango Dude2011-10-15 12:13:01
  15. In number terms 5000 is not that great and fades pale in front of the 100k garnered by new Swift. Had there been a diesel it may have done 10x that number.
  16. @CB: You are talking of maintenance of Eon, and this is what you had to say of the service of your Swift VXI: (@DD, there was nothing big done, the charger costed 1100, so its 7.4K for its normal service.) I think 7.4K is not a small sum for a service of a petrol hatch. You sound like one of those guy's who wrote of the M800 when it was born saying that it won't stand a chance against the Amby in the event of an accident etc, etc, and we all know that M800 went on to rewrite Indian automotive history. Basically, Maruti has been "milking" an old platform dry, there is always place for something fresh and sure it can't be priced on par with an 'ancient' platform like Alto. Even a Figo will appear VFM coz it's an old and scrapped platform. Santro will also appear VFM coz thats an old platform, so will the Accent in comparison to the Eon. I have said this before and I'll repeat it ad nauseum: Suzuki should give some respect and commitment for it's largest (India) market, what we are getting is literally old models and scrapyard junk in India, Wagon R is old, Esilo older, Alto ancient and M800 forget it. Whereas Hyundai is striving to bring in it's latest models here and launches it here first before it's world premiere. Why don't we get the same damn models from Suzuki as it sells in Japan, even the US where Suzuki is right at the bottom end of the totem pole gets better products. Case in point is Wagon R: Just look at the images of the new Wagon R and decide it whether Suzuki/Maruti is doing the right thing in it's largest market in the world. Durango Dude2011-10-15 01:49:15
  17. Thailand flooding halts Honda and Toyota auto production By Jeff Sabatini RSS feed Posted Oct 13th 2011 7:00PM 183 Comments 16 Japanese automakers are having a rough year coping with Mother Nature. First it was earthquakes in Japan, and now flooding in Thailand. Since late July, typhoons in Southeast Asia have caused billions of dollars of damage, and now production at three Toyota plants and one Honda facility has been halted, according to the Associated Press. While Toyota's plants in eastern Thailand haven't been directly affected by the weather, the inability of suppliers to deliver parts has caused the shutdowns there. Honda's plant in Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok, isn't so lucky. Offline since October 4, and flooded since October 8, Honda officials can't even assess the damage because the plant remains inaccessible. The four factories produced over 800,000 vehicles last year. This included 630,000 Toyotas and 170,000 Hondas, representing roughly eight and five percent of each automaker's respective global volume. Among the vehicles produced in Thailand are the Toyota Corolla and Camry and the Honda Civic and Accord, but none of the Thai plants produce vehicles for the North American market. News Source: Associated Press via Google
  18. There you have the verdict from sb_alto, himself.
  19. The segment is getting soo overcrowded that over lap is inevitable. It all boils down to personal preferences. All that we can do is chill and wait till next month for the ACI Top 10 numbers. Problem is we keep comparing new cars to dud's in the Maruti line up viz Estilo. Tell me how many guys on this forum have an Estilo? If it's going to be such a good deal why aren't people buying it? Why don't you compare it to the base Punto(1.2) which retails this festive season for something like 3.87L if this isn't a bargain then what is, why isn't it selling even at this bargain is my question. Durango Dude2011-10-14 10:58:12
  20. @AMG: Good job, are you running it on a daily basis?
  21. @S Star: I'd like to know which Honda and which Hyundai you are comparing. Without diesel tech Honda isn't going anywhere and it's come down to huge discounts now; I agree it's a fantastic brand and great to own. Eon and Brio are in two different segments and there is a wide price difference between the two as I have mentioned above. Durango Dude2011-10-14 07:16:11
  22. @Crazy Doc: Eon is nowhere priced near Brio. Here are Brio prices for your reference: Model: Honda Brio City : CHENNAI E MT : Rs. 404,000 S MT : Rs. 445,000 S(O) MT : Rs. 500,000 V MT : Rs. 522,000 Eon prices are as follows: Hyundai