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  1. Also is P220 reliable in the long run?What about its build quality issues?Also on enquiring i found out that Bajaj's service sucks not only in my town,but elsewhere too.
  2. Thanks for your replies Rahul and rssh. Rahul,I said that RTR's handlebar touches my knee sometimes,also i'm not sure about TVS's build quality.So I'm gonna skip it. rssh,I like FZ-S more,but i'm more inclined towards P220 or R15. Plz tell me is it okay to go for P220 looking at the price difference b/w R15 and P220, I can buy some good riding gear for the money I save on P220. My only grouse about R15 is its city driving manners,is it good at low and medium speeds,if this is okay then I would go for R15 instead and will buy riding gear later.
  3. Hi guys,I'm planning to upgrade my Pulsar 150 UG3 to a better one and have these three bikes in mind Pulsar 220. R15. Karizma. I'm 5'10" and 80kgs,i have long legs which was a problem when i rode RTR,so definitely don't want this to happen with my new one.I use this mainly for daily use within my town and a few long trips once or twice a month.So long journey reliability & comfort is also on my check list.And one thing i don't know why,i'm not comfortable with my riding posture on pulsar 150.I tend to slip towards the tank if i sit back.So which one of these has better riding posture for me. I have read many reviews and feedback from owners of these bikes.But the more i read,the more i'm confused as to which one to choose. :shock: These are my final thoughts on these bikes,plz suggest me which one to go for. Pulsar 220 Wow a stunning bike to look at,defenitely a headturner,but appearances can be deceptive,as i learned the hard way after going for pulsar 150 just based on its looks.So this is what i'm worried about,does this have the same bajaj build quality issues as the 150,is the gearbox much better than the 150 or is it just a minor change,is this a reliable bike on the long run.Also is the new 2009 model just a paint job change or can i expect some performance upgrade.There is no probiking showroom in my town,so that's another issue and bajaj's service in my town sucks big time. Karizma Hmm eventhough this one is very old,i just find this practically a good choice for me,yes only practically,Otherwise this is out of my options.Do you think is it still a good buy considering the alternatives.What about the rumors of Karizma FI,is it gonna happen or just another HH style upgrade. R15 Ahh already enough is said about this baby R1 :mrgreen: ,so don't want to repeat it again.I'm more inclined towards buying this,but after reading reviews about its low and mid range power,i'm worried if this is gonna be a problem for me since most of the time i ride it in town.Also i've heard rumors about yamaha re-tuning this for a better low and mid range grunt,is this true,even if they don't can i remap the ECU for a better low and mid range power,Coz i'll not be flying around in top speed thanks to our roads here.Also do the maintenance and spares cost gonna burn a hole in my pocket?I definitely don't want to see the fairing damaged and my dad buying me a scooty after listening to its spares cost. :cry: I'm not in a hurry,this would take at least a month or two.So want to narrow down my options to a single one.Are there any new launches in the mean time above 180CC? And Finally Which one should i be going for?
  4. Hi guyz i recently bought i10 sportz which has an oem audio setup,with a 2din headunit(it was a KIA/Hyundai OEM) +4 speakers included. For me the HU is okay,But the speaker output is not satisfactory(i suppose these are single-cone as i was hearing more bass&mids,no highs). So my options for upgrade are 1)Front components JBL608c 2)Rear 6.5 Coaxials JBL638, Both need to be placed in door provisions,i don't want to install ovals in the rear parcel tray even if it is a better placement option. My question is do i need an amp for this setup,coz i don't want to overshoot my budget of 6-8k(grey), if i must then is a 2ch amp enough to drive the compn's,using the HU to drive he rears.Buying an amp would be my last resort.Any other ideas??