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    lineshshah got a reaction from usman in cheating by cardealers   
    This is a bad experience by A cheavy dealer but i observed all dealers doing samethin
    Today i went to SURAT GUJARAT CHEVROLET dealership for buying a new Chevy SAIL SEDAN LS ABS surprisingly impressed and decided to buy it and ask for quote for SAIL LS ABS dealer gives me Ex. showroom price 6,95,000.00 + 3371.00 logistic charge ( who will bare this Logistic charge dealer or customer ?) and RTO TAX given by dealer is around 40,000.00 but actual RTO TAX is around 35000.00 rs. they are charging 5000 rs for RTO Passing fee OMG. this is ridiculous !!!!
    now quote for insurance policy dealer quoted around 22000-24000 and actually same insurance quoted by my insurance agent is 19000.00 rs !!! means they are robbing buyers by about 8000.00-10000.00 rs .... are you hearing Chevy ? thats why your cars not selling and capturing or goozup the market because of your LALCHU dealers you have to change or you are going to loose indian market
    i hope chevy u'll understand me a world giant but in india a little bug rise-up CHEVY......!