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  1. well thanks guys looks that i have made up my mind.. i will be going for a swift... thanks for helping me out
  2. Dear Fellow Members... I am a Student in Pune and recently I decided to buy a Car... I have many friends who drive swift... so had decided to buy swift, but when i20 came i came in a dilemma, both the cars are good in their own way... swift is small and compact... other hand i20 is huge and comfortable. So i just wanted to ask as many experts are here... tht i m a Student and as a student which car sould i buy... for me audio system is compulsory, and usually i wud b having long drives... lets say in 200 Kms weekly on an average... so i wud be looking for the most economical out of the two... in mantainance, milage, power, looks,.... i dono tht much abt cars but i have heard from my friends that swift's mileage gets worsen year by year... well its true in all cars but swift is worst in mileage?? have i heard the truth or not?? about i20 i have heard that its not a powerful car as its a i10 engine just with bigger body?? So i need some guidance as its my first car...