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  1. I want good ICE Installer in Coimbatore. Please suggest some.
  2. I am planning to go for the following configuration for my i10 magna. Today I have checked up the prices also. Pioneer-2290 HU - Rs.5300/- (With warranty) JBL GT5 - S 205 - for Front & Rear Door Speakers - Rs.3000/- (Rs.1500/- each set) As i am not interested to have speakers in the rear pad, I have opted for door speakers. Will it be sufficient? Please advice.
  3. No my point is whether sub-woofer is must or optional?
  4. Thanks CB, Whether Pioneer HU 2290/ Kenny is having in-built amplifier? Whether the Head Unit and the speakers (as you mentioned) will be sufficient? I cannot stretch my budget beyond 12K for overall ICE.
  5. Thanks CB, My friends are suggesting to go for Window Speakers (4 Nos.). Whether 2 Sets of JBL Speakers will be enough? or should I have to have rear speakers also. I don't want to have speakers in PAD at the rear. In your message, you have mentioned slight stretching of budget. How much I have to stretch? Regards Balaji
  6. Hi I am planning to have ICE in my Chevy Beat and my brother's i10 Magna. I could not finalise with any of the component say HU, Speakers etc. since it has various models. Can you suggest me a complete (better /best) unit (HU, Speakers (including Amp if required)) around Rs.12K each with the model names and approximate price.
  7. I am planning to buy a car in another 1-2 months. I live in Coimbatore and main use of my car is for city drive and occassionally highway driving. Suggest me a car which should be fuel efficient, cost effective and should have power steering, a/c and power windows. My budget is upto Rs.3.50 Lacs maximum.