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  1. Hi, I will be taking the delivery of my new Honda City I-VTEC shortly. I have been suggested by the dealer to go for certain car-care products. The details are as follows - 1. Waxoyl 100 Plus Paint Sealant - Rs 4800/- 2. Waxoyl Professional 120-4 Cavity protector - Rs. 3691/- 3. Waxoyl Hardwax Underbody protector - Rs. 3691/- 4. Waxoyl UPT Fabric Protector - 2091/- 5. Waxoyl Motor Care Engine protector - Rs. 450/- If I go for all the 5 at the same time, I will get a discounted price of Rs 12252/- My questions - 1. How is Waxoyl as a brand in car care products? 2. Do the costs mentioned above seem overpriced? If yes, what other alternatives are available? 3. Are these products really beneficial for the car? I stay in Pune which is prone to waterlogging in the monsoons. Will any of these products help protect my car from the wear and tear?