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  1. forget it Anjan, it's not worth getting in a tizzy over an anti-petrolhead. he must be doin' the job against his true calling......a general supply store :-).
  2. I like Activa, it's not as fun as others, but it's reliable as anything. And yeah, acceleration is impressive for a gearless weenie
  3. I would like to respectfully disagree with the above stated point. I feel you've correctly stated that (i) A tachy improves engine life and helps the biker gauging the correct rpm, ergo overall better engine life. (ii) It enables the driver to upshift/downshift at the optimum engine rpm. As said, higher horsepower bikes are equipped with tachometers as their bikers aim to extraxt as much power from each gear's range as possible. Hallelujah!! But the crux is, the bikes below 145cc fall into economy and executive bikes. The qualities these bikes embody is maximum mileage and cheap costs. Adding auto-canceling indicators, side stand warning lights, digital displays keep on adding small but significant cost increases to the bike's cost until it falls out of this segment.Deluxe versions may of course offer this trimming, but the fact is, lower horsepower bikes are designed for engine longevity, mileage, cost efficiency and so on & so forth. Hence why the the need for a tachy??
  4. Viva la Tushky!! Are those rear lights LED? It sure would look nice with the whole package. I see they've changed the grille, looks better though. Somebody tell me that ain't plastic I see for bumpers!!! When will the Tata designers learn it looks tacky? What about the power plant?? I see they 've covered up the rear pretty nicely(pun unintended). You know what would be really smashing? I read in your magazine once the classification of cars, and the difference between a hatchback and a hot hatch. Tata has already a hatchback with Tata Indica, but the arena remains open for a true, red-blooded(in our reference large hp) hot hatch as in a car of Indica's dimensions with, let's say, Safari Dicor's engine. Now that would be a whopper(but wishful all the same)!! Once again, nice work Tushky....
  5. I appreciate Tata's policy for giving the economical cars which do the job they're intended for..but this one looks like the designers went trigger-happy on the front and rear......looks too tapered-off!!
  6. All I can say is, Mallya's drivers better not be left swigging when the race starts, even if they are sponsored by the liquor baron on India. I guess, I'm more glad this big step has been taken by Vijay mallya of United Breweries. It would have been really hard to stomach a Manikchand F-1 intended).
  7. Accountancy aside..This is a fab moment for India. From my view, Mallya has to have a couple of aces up his sleeve to match his bravado of buying a F-1 team(again, WOW). From what I've seen of that man, he's not likely to dump a potful of money into a losing venture unless he can get double back. On the flip side, this is an unusual area to diversify(laugh). My friends (and me included) have vastly appreciated his move, and to help him in our own small way, we have decided to increase consumption of his products.
  8. Howie

    Revving up.....

    Heyy... I appreciate the warm welcome, bro. Don't worry 'bout the leg, motorheads like me wear like a war wound, nothing to be sniffed at. I'm just waitin' to for it to heal up so I can straddle my bike again(laughing). On a better note, I'm really chipper' over Audi TT Coupe. I saw the car's review on Auto Show on CNBC 18, you should've heard the growl of it's engine....sweet symphony!!! Check it out, bro!!
  9. Hola senors and senoritas!! This is my first post in this forum. Im a rubber-burning car and bike lover from Lucknow. My favorite car movie would be Gone in 60 Seconds(Nick Cage, Robert Duvall) and my favorite car would be a Mustang GT! Im am a bit late in joining this awesome forum cause I was so involved in speed-testing a Pulsar 200, I broke my leg in the incident which translates to plenty of time on the net to pursue my Well, Carpe Diem as some sloshed bloke said in a Roman distillery. Here I am, and I hope to prove myself a worthwhile member. Youll be seeing me around.. Adios till next time!!