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  1. Thank you everyone for your valuable inputs. I have TD the car recently and am in love with it. I have decided to go with 1.6 SXI. Handling was excellent. Turning and cornering was almost effortless even for a newbie driver like me. I chose SXI as it provides more interior comfort as compared to 1.6 S: Light colors inside, leather seats, center armrest, rear seat adjustable headrest, and folding rear seats. With rear seats folded, you could even fit a bicycle in the boot. I opted for alloys, spoiler and parking sensors as accessories. Thanks again for your help
  2. I recently had a look at Ford Fiesta (petrol) at the showroom. I am a little confused over 1.6S and SXI version. I am yet to TD either of the models. Essentially, the differences seem to be in the interiors. Apart from this, 1.6 S comes with alloys as standard. Keeping these differences apart, I have heard that 1.6S has a firmer suspension than the other variants and that the engine in 1.6S has been revamped. I would like to know pros/cons of having a firmer suspension. Appreciate your inputs in helping me choose the best one. My usage would be around 1000km/month, mostly in the city. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, I am a novice as far as cars are concerned. I am comparing ANHC S MT and Ford Fiesta 1.6S, however not finding it easy to choose between the two. Features important to me are comfortable space for 5 adults, good interiors and exteriors, sturdy body, and easy manuarability in city. As far as safety features are concerned, both cars seem to have the same features. Differences I found are - ANHC has longer turning radius (5.3 m) than Fiesta (4.9m) ANHC has audio controls mounted on the stearing wheel Leather covered stearing wheel is standard in Fiesta Alloy wheels are standard in Fiesta only Feasta has Seat Lumbar support and then there is almost 1.5 lacs difference when it comes to price tag. I did not compare the engines, as I understand little about them. I would like to know how these car compare in terms of seating space, interior comfort, interior design and quality. I have heard that ANHC plastics dont look that good. Appreciate your inputs. Thanks.
  4. How does Ford Fiesta 1.6 S compare with ANHC? Any views?
  5. Thanks everyone for your inputs. Ankit, Car will not be chauffered, I will be driving it I dont expect than 1000 km/month. I am not that worried about FE, but space should be enough for 5 adults to sit comfortably I am not worried about resale value either as I will be keeping the car for long term I am more inclined to ANHC. And almost everyone has suggested the same. I personally like the arrowshot form of the ANHC. Should I consider ANHC MT or AT? for AT I will have to shell out extra 80-90k. Would that be worth? However, as suggested by flAsh, If I forego AT, I guess i20 does makes more of sense as it comes with features like ACC, side airbags, Alloys.
  6. I am planning to buy my first car, but confused whether I should go for Hatchback or Sedan. I am currently looking for petrol car (preferably with AT) with adequate seating capacity for 5 adults + safetly features like dual airbags. My budget is around 6 to 10 lacs. Would Sedan (ANHC/SX4) be really a problem while driving in traffic or while parking/reversing (in city like Pune) as compared to hatchback car (i10)? Anything you feel pros and cons on the two types? Also tell me should I choose automatic or manual gears. What more features/specs should I look for? I am comparing Hyundai i10 (AT), Honda City (AT) and Maruti SX4 (MT). Appreciate your inputs. Please as well suggest any other cars that I should consider. Thanks.