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  1. Hello, I have a Hyundai i20 (CRDI - 2017 model - Asta Optional). Recently I am facing a weird problem with the smart key. The car is showing an error "key not inside the car". It is happening only at night time and not on daytime. Today what happened is when I dropped my friend and he closed the passenger side door after getting out of the car the error key not inside the car popped up in the dashboard. I tried to press the buttons in the key but no solution and beep sound kept on and once I put the car in 1st gear and started to move it stopped. Once I reached home and came out of the car to open the garage the same error popped up. The key was inside the car I have checked. But this does not happen during the daytime when the lights are not on I have checked today only. I got this error for the second time today and both during night time. Anyone faced this kind of problem and any solution for this? Battery in the key is okay and in good condition. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I would like to buy a hatchback car. I have shortlisted two cars Maruti Baleno and Hyundai i20. Both Petrol version coz running will be low. Please help me choose which one should I go for. Which is better in terms of performance, mileage, after sales service, resale value and quality. If you think I should go for any other car please help me choose the best premium hatchback car. Thanks Suvadeep Paul
  3. Hi, First of all Happy New Year to all the members. I own a Pulsar 220 Fi, which has done 13000 kms. I would like to replace the stock air filter with K&N. I have checked the RC1060 and R1100. I need your valubale advice regarding which one should I go for get the maximum power from my bike. Also do I need to adjust the CO level after the fitting the K&N. What should be the CO level? Should I go for the company rated level, i.e., 2.5 without CAT CON. Thanks Suvadeep Paul.
  4. Zayn... Thanks Bro for ur valuable advice...
  5. Hi, I own a Yamaha RX 135 4 speed, which 5 years old and has done 45000 km. I want to go for some minor modification.. Will it be wise enough to for RX 135 5 speed sprocket for improvement in speed??? I will also be going for expansion chamber, NGK Iridium spark plug and RDD CDI.. Please I need Your help.. Thanks in Advance..
  6. Not really...see the thing is you don't want to shift gears at 9000+ rpm...sometimes you what to cruise at 50kmph and that point of time when you shift gears at 3000 to 4000 rpm is feels a bit loss power...anyways i have changed the engine oil to power 1 and the throttle response has improved somewhat... the engine feels a bit smoother with less knocking in low rpm... Ultimately I have to retune my bike...lets see what can be done.. Anyways thanks for help bro...
  7. Thanks sudeepd... I am using power 1 right now, I will use it in the next change...
  8. Hi, I own a Pulsar 220 which is 15 months old..I would like to change the company recommended Valvoline oil with a good performance oil... The main concern is company recommends 20W50 graded engine oil..and I have seen castrol power 1 and castrol power 1 racing are of 15W40 and 10W40 respectively... The normal power 1 is part synthetic and power 1 racing is fully synthetic.. So, will it be wise enough to go for Castrol.. Will there be any performance improvement? If yes then, I am willing to go for Power 1 Racing oil... If anyone here is from Kolkata, kindly provide the dealer information where I can get the power 1 racing oil... Also I have heard that Motul factory line 300V is the best engine oil available in the market... If anyone can provide me the details of genuine Motul dealer in Kolkata, would be of great help.. Thanks and Regards Suvadeep Paul
  9. Thanks all for ur help and advice.. I'll go through the steps and if the problem persists, will get back here.. Regards..
  10. Thanks Sudeepd, I face the power problem during the initial and in midrange, the bike feels like it's not getting the right amount of fuel...The rpm is adjusted to 1300...The engine shut off problem is evident in cold start and sometimes in warm also.. Spark plug gap adjusted... Bro don't know about 180, but 220 has a major CO problem, if not adjusted ur bike will never pass the pollution test...In my case it went as high as 7% whereas the pass limit is 3.5%...Company's recommendation of CO level is 2.0 to 2.5%..
  11. Hi, I own a Pulsar 220 which is 1 year 2 months and done 8500 km. I am facing a power problem with it and also the ideal rpm..which fluctuating and sometimes the engine shuts... The power problem which I am facing is like the engine is not getting the amount of fuel required to produce the torque.. I already have changed the petrol filter and adjusted the CO.. I have changed the OEM spark plug with NGK Iridium IX of equivalent heat range.. But of no use.. Please suggest me a way to solve the problem...