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  1. Tanmay, I'm going for the silver. flash: I can only say this comparitively.. The AC's not as good as the santro, probably because the santro's cabin is much smaller than the i20. But the ac is better compared to the aveo. Though effective, I found the AC to be making too much noise. Probably I felt this because the car had excellent outside noise insulation or the ac was set to high...Yet it was a bit on the higher side.
  2. Sadsack: if that's true, its a serious error on hyundai's part to print incorrect info on their brochure. Thanks for pointing that out. I have another TD coming up tomorrow and i'll ask the salesman to show me those vents... swiftvxi: yup, I booked the asta. Lots more features and great vfm..
  3. Why not try the top end ANHC? But provided you are looking for an MUV, the innova is a great buy
  4. @flash, sadsack. The i20 does have rear ac vents under the front seats. Though i havent seen them yet, the i20 brochure mentions them quite clearly. I dont think hyundai would print it if it werent true... @anjan: we test drove the car extensively and found it pretty smooth and responsive. The clutch is EXTREMELY light, perhaps the lightest i've come across so far. I had no issues with the engine and felt it to be more than adequate in the city. After all i dont do much of highway driving swiftvxi06. Exactly my view dude. The aveo though great in the looks dept, fails to score in driveability and features. @vinoth86: yup beige looks a bit garish.. I chose the sleek silver colour
  5. Thanks a lot guys. I decided not to go in for the aveo after all. My brother took a good look at the aveo and went straight in favor of the i20. He no doubt agreed the aveo is a great car but against the competition (i20) it feels extremely outdated. It lacks abs, ebd, electronic orvms, airbags, 2 din stereo, climate control and rear ac vents. The aveo was a good buy last year. Unfortunately, the competition has moved far ahead. Regarding driveability, the i20 is peppy enough for city drives and did not feel underpowered to me. Thanks for your inputs.
  6. If you guys remember, I have already booked the i20 asta. But today an ad by chevy in the newspaper caught my attention. They declared a flat 50k discount on the aveo models to "clear the march stock cars". These were cars manufactured in march but which remained unsold. My question is: "should i cancel my i20 and go in for this offer which seems so irresistable?" are stock clearances like these carried out regularly. How good is the aveo 1.4? Are there chances of it being phased out? Help me guys...
  7. @flash: Our dealer said it would take 35 days max (5 weeks) for delivery. Also they promised us free leather seats and teflon coating. Good deal eh? how is it that the i20 outperforms the i10 and returns almost equal FE figures even though both share the same 1.2l kappa. Can anyone enlighten me?
  8. @durango dude: thats true. Both hyundai and skoda are great brands. Hyundai is one of the largest automakers in the world and skoda symbolizes class and perfection. Yet, that is no reason for indian consumers to treat hyundai like a second class brand. @anindyab: good decision. I liked the berry red colour too. Though i felt the car looks bigger and more spacious in lighter colours. @bluesapphire: yes black and blue dont seem very nice on the i20. Dont know why.. But they look great on the i10 PS: could someone please try answer the queries i had posted in my previous post.
  9. The i20/fabia should be a great choice for you if its a hatch you are looking at. The fabia has features but you'll have to shell out a huge amount if you want them. The i20 is less expensive on the pocket and comes loaded with features which you would generally find only in D segment sedans...
  10. Hey rahul thanks for reinforcing my belief in the i20. Yet, why is it that when the fabia was launched no one criticized it for being underpowered. If i'm correct, the i20 performs better than fabia. Also, how is it that the i20 beats the i10 in terms of top speed, acceleration and has almost equal FE when both share the same 1.2 kappa? And thirdly, how does the i20 do when compared to the 75 bhp swift diesel? @speed: thanks but i dont think I would go in for the ritz as it is a segment below the i20 and i doubt it would have half as many features. @anindyab: great! I opted for the asta too in the sleek silver colour. Whats your choice of colour and how long is the waiting period in your city?
  11. You guys have put me in a major dilemma. I currently own a maruti 800 and was looking to upgrade to the i20 which i almost instantly fell in love with. It was spacious, feature packed, nicely built and a long cherished dream come true for a long time small car owner like me who was waiting ages for this upgrade. Suddenly all reviews (including those inside this forum) give me the hiccups by stating that this car though excellent is "underpowered". I am not exactly looking for a lean mean racing machine, but also i would not want a car without any power. I have heard from the overdrive review that the i20 performs better than the fabia?? If thats true why then call only the i20 "underpowered"? Why these double standards? And another question.. Is being underpowered only a relative term compared to cars in its category like the swift or is it (god forbid) even more "underpowered" than the i10s and the wagonrs?? Will i be able to overtake the smaller hatches on the highway if not the swift? And most importantly should I cancel my booking if it is "underpowered"?? Thanks..