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  1. I went against all the rational thoughts and got a linea 2012 mjd when there are ventos, rapids all luring with that quicker 1.6 engines.

    Felt the ride to be stiff at low speed

    compared to the 2011 linea. When sped fast it smoothens out though. But

    I loved the older plush ride. I just hope it to become softer given some time.

    And also I didn't know that there is no run in period when the saleman said the engine is

    already pre-run before coming to the showroom itself. Anyways in the first drive itself I took her above 2.5k rpm.

    Now I got to be a geek to set that 'mycar' settings right.

  2. Read the January Autocar Issue.

    Alarmingly the new linea 0-100 and in-gear 20-80; 40 - 100 speeds are mentioned slower than it was before. Already the linea is accused of being underpowered. But the in-gear accelerations were nice though. But now that too has been chopped down? I simply wish the autocar report is wrong!!!

    luukie2012-01-02 05:44:33

  3. @Kinshuk.

    Actually we did a trip last week

    Cochin-Kodaikkanal-Palani-Udumalpetia-Chinnar-Munnar-Cochin. We reached

    Palani in the night. And unfortunately that was some festive day for

    wedding. 100% of the lodges there were booked. So we left for

    udumalpetia in the hope of finding a lodge. It was the same thre too.

    So we dint have any further option, as beyond that place it is complete

    forest. One of my friends and I slept inside the car and the other two

    slept somewhere in front of a shop.. :-)

    I kept the Ac on...  After some time my friend complained and had to

    switch off the ac... But I had made sure that all windows were almost

    5cms down... But still he complained of  soffocation...

  4. how to fix the defogger.

    Recently I removed the sunfilm pasted on the rear window and pasted a new one. And after that the defogger stopped working. I got it checked last time I went to service station and they said the defogger is working, but the window is damaged.

    I guess the grid on the window should be broken. Any idea how to fix it?

  5. I guess, drive shaft is that cluster with so many ball bearings at the end of that rode which connects the wheel(at the wheel end). And axle is the complete set including rode and the drive shaft that connects the wheel and the engine.

    Ain't I right?

  6. how long can the vehicle run with this strong clicking sound while turning....? Can running with this' date=' cause any potential harm to some other parts...  How critical is this...?



    Or is it ok to run with this noise for some more kms...?


  7. Hi, I was unable to login to autocarindia for a few days. Then I changed my default search engine and it worked.


    I switched my A.S.S. to another one here as I was'nt happy with them.

    Now the vehicle is with them for the suspension job.


    Hey, as u may know, my drive shaft problem was fixed by changing the axle boot. But now again it has poped up. So, this time I think I its wise to go for the axle change. (At ass  its some 18k and outside its 3.5k!!!).


    I just wanted to know how long can the vehicle run with this strong clicking sound while turning....? Can running with this, cause any potential harm to some other parts...  How critical is this...?

  8. @anijog, couldnt post anything as I was out of the town for some days.

    Did the de-carb meanwhile, but dint find any change at all. I thought I would be able to feel some (atleast)iota of a change.

    Changed the engine mount.

    While at the A.S.S, I asked 'em to inspect the suspension too.

    And they found all the struts except one at the front left to be leaking.

    They advised me to change all the four at a time instead of three, as it could invite weight imbalance. app 13k. But dint do it yet.


  9. I would go for the suspension job' date=' and hold on the engine job.Get the mounts changed.


    I too feel thats a good idea. I spoke to a person in a

    garage, he too recommended this. So gona leave it for the suspension job today.

    @sgiitk sir, Could de-carb do any good at this stage? The power is comparatively less(but can surely live with it).

    The tyres now are 185/65r13 and is due for a change. I have two options in my mind.

    1)175/70r13, the stock size as it gives the car a slightly higher height (I am more inclined to this option)

    2)185/70r13, solely for height. will this harm the suspension set up. 

  10. Hi all,

    I am in a real jeopardy now. When I showed the car to the hyundai Ass last day, they advised me to conduct a complete engine overhaul(94k done). And also when I pointed out that when fully loaded the car easily bottoms out unusually, they say the strut and suspension too needs overhaul. I know its common in accent to scrape bottom; but here when fully loaded, apart from the belly, the rear and front bumper kisses the road at patchy surfaces. So I move dead slow.

    The engine and suspension overhaul was quoted at a 40k approximately.

    Now my question is; Is it worth spending this much?

    And even if I do those overhauls, can I make sure that everything could be close to fine condition? Or something else may stop working tommorow?

    I plan to keep the vehicle for 2-3 years. What do you say forum.....

  11. I think Accent glx version is a dohc engine and not the common sohc

    engine that comes with the new ones even today. When I was in the

    market for a used car, I was advised not to go for the dohc ones as

    engine spare prices could be on the higher note comparatively.  But not

    sure on this though.

  12. So if you have 4 blower settings and two compressor settings' date=' i suggest Blower Speed 2 and comp speed 1. Hope that simplifies.

    Uff... I was pretty convinced. But this one confused.

    Whats this compressor speed? Is that something that comes with some high end cars?

  13. Huh.. an update.. The vibration at first gear has popped up evidently now. So this time I gave the car to hyundai. They identified all the three engine mounts have cracked and needs immediate replacement. Quoted 6k.

     I have bought this car anyways, so gona resurrect her whatsoever. 

  14. As anijog said, the replaced sensor for that vibration when switching on the a/c was a temperature sensor.

    And after the replacement, now there is no evident vibration.

    But I thought this sensor is something to do with drawing power from the engine when the a/c is on.

    But there is no increase in the rpm(this is what i thought) even if the ac is on(sgiitk mentioned this rightly earlier).

    So now what does this temperature sensor actually do?

  15. 2. Careful when driving downhill: Automatic transmissions disconnect as soon as the road speed is higher than the shaft speed. Thus you have no engine braking. When driving downhill you should shift to a lower ratio (here engine is not disconnected) otherwise driving continuously on the brakes can overheat them. You may be left with no brakes if the fade totally.

    One consequence of this 'freewheeling' is that brakes pads last less. 20-25k is typical!

    I guess this holds good for manual transmission too.