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  1. Hi all, I am new to this forum. Last day I bought a used 2000 hyundai accent GLS. It has some front wheel sound and tight power steering. So when I went to a service outlet they asked me to replace the following parts.. 1) Joint & Shaft kit - front axle(Left) 2)Ball joint kit-suspension lower arm(Right) 3)End Assy-Tie rod (Right) 4)Link Assy-stabilizer(right) Here are my doubts... The service guy told, even if you replace the Joint & shaft kit front axle, there are chances(though slim) that something may break(I think its Drive shaft something). So you got to change the axle as a whole. Is it true? Also he advised not to go for DeCarbonising as the vehicle has already done 90K, and so with the huge carbon deposit there are chances that the engine may blow out. Any light into this please, you gurus.....