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  1. which 4X4 is the best for offroad conditions. join for more information
  2. according to me if someone`s looking forward to buy a SUV then Pajero is the one. But the indian version is not that good. The foreign one`s are perfect ones. Note From Admin: Please Refrain From Advertising On The Forum.FuelRunGod2007-10-07 23:11:46
  3. Neither the Ford Endeavour, not the Pajero sold here are Mall cruisiers by any standards, both can be taken off road and with proper tires, they are serious off roaders, only the Gurkha beats then due to higher ground clearance and diff locks front and rear. Its really a 4X4 to buy. Join for more fun.................and who admire this vehicle join
  4. have any one got the pics of the outcomming fabia...................
  5. The Scorpio and Safari are MUVs in the true sense rather than SUVs. They lack the sophistication and refinement of the likes of the Montero and Cayenne. They are but doing good at what they are intended for in Indian standards. Even in a highly competitive market like the UK, the Safari has a loyal fan following(surprisingly non-desi) for its simplicity and practicality. It is rightly called "the poor mans Pajero". In India road maintenance is still a game of politics and contractors. Until we have at least near ideal road conditions, off-roaders or soft roaders are a better bet.
  6. when is the fabia comming out. will it have be the new version as in foreign countries or will it be the older one.