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  1. sudeep do you know what is e10 ? perfect example of being ignorance is bliss . dont mistake it for euro 1,2,3,4 norms ..... its ethanol 10 ready . now i hope you know whats ethanol ! and dont post stupid stuff like honda will not modify engines for 40-50 years. its not euro 10 pollution norm . they can use it 10% ethanol with normal gasoline. dont worry about honda for 40/50 years. worry about your indigos. and still 30 kmpl + on an indigo . . when will you understand ???
  2. i would have suggested you the 3.0L Q7 or the 3.6L Cayenne which are sold close to the 60L bracket in delhi but since you have zeroed on a sedan , the most "exciting" would be the 5series. the vw and volvo clan dont produce fun cars IMO. so i would not suggest you anything from their stable.
  3. you seem to be bashing the new city on your every posts . or is it that you are envious that you cant upgrade to the ANHC or you did the stupidity of buying the xl and thought it as an "expensive sedan" and in the same league as the city ? BTW , indigos are a piece of crap ! i pray you dont buy a 3rd indigo . either you a "brave" man or a "lunatic". you decide.
  4. @ DD : ofcourse i've driven it . one of my good friend still has it. wanted to sell it off but backed off due to the resale. i ride city zx gxi and a santro xing xp .
  5. why have'nt u added the linea to the list ? or does it not classify as a performance sedan ?
  6. i am amazed to see the figures in your signature ! 30 kmpl+ on an indigo ? the incredibly modern and fuel efficient fiestas and logans dont get that even on the highway , then how did u manage that in a tata ? hope you did the maths right. or probably time to buy a new calculator