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  1. Thank you very much. Yes see in the end of my write up, I have mentioned 2 points about scope of imporvement section. Let me know if you need any othr information. Thank you, will do Thank you very much for your compliment. See in the beginning i have posted Mileage related paragraph. Thank you, now I am providing responses by this post , if there anything else, let me know sir. I will be happy to respond. Thank you very much Hersch. Its a nice name. "Hersch" very unique. Yes I love my car and its my hobby to keep it clean. However I feel equally bad the day it rains as all my 1-2 hours of hardwork goes for a toss in a minute. but its ok. Everyday is not Sunday. Hehe. Appreciate your compliment.
  2. Cup holder for front seats: 2 Nos, this is little behind and odd for the driver to put his/her cup. But its manageable. I use the door area to keep my drinks / cans while driving. Can be extended for 2 cups. Rear seat armrest was a good feature, All of my family members enjoyed it. its very comfortable Gear Knob: 18 Speed adjusting wiper, 3 Main speed and can be adjusted in additional 6 speeds. (3X6=18) Indicator is on left: :-> Finishing what I was talking about: See this pic: I think Ford cars interiors are pretty good quality. Cushioned armrest on the doors, this is a great feature and gives a comfortable feeling for all the passengers, I have myself developed a habit of keeping my hand on this rest while driving. Sponge inside is of good quality is still doing pretty well as my hand is on the armrest while driving 90% of the time. After 20K driving with 90%, still sponge is comfortable and not pressed or out of shape. Sorry for poor image quality of this pic above ^ Last but not least, this is a very small, I am not sure about other cars so please forgive me, but this feature is fabulous in a 8 lac car. All the rear set belts can be attached to the joints which are coming out of the backseat. This keeps all the seatbelts in place hence makes it comfortable for the passegers. All in all as you would have noticed from my post, I am very satisfied with the performance of the car. I am thinking of buying my next car also as Ford. However want to keep this for atleast an year or 2 more. Scope of improvement: I think Audio remote would have been excellent. But I know to maintain the price proposition its not that easy. I think wipers could have been of better quality. But they do the job well. Let me know if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them for you. Jai Hind.
  3. Continued......... BOOT light was a good feature, although this is now a norm, but it was first in our car, so we liked it. Boot Space This is a 1 LITRE Kinley bottle. It has Lite dimming effect. Which means light dims slowly (2-3 seconds) instead of getting off instantly. It gives a cool effect and easy on eyes. 2 Map lights in the front apart from regular car indoor light. Reading lite in the rear on each side of the car. This feature was what impressed my mom. Coat Hangers on both rear sides: Continued................
  4. Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. After the warm welcome I decided to put a detailed review of 20K Kms ownership experience with Ford Fiesta Classic. I know the name is now changed to Ford Classic. But I still follow Fiesta Classic as thats what FORD sold to me. So lets call it Fiesta Classic rather than just Classic. I think Fiesta Brand in itself iconic. This review features my journey with the car from beginning till today. It all started with my parents saw the advertisement for Mahindra XUV in the newspapers and decide to book one for 80K as the deliveries to be made as per lucky draw. We are planning to buy a new car and we went to the mahindra showroom. But unfortunately the pricing was above our budget. Our budget was 8-10 Lacs and XUV was for 14 lacs starting. So we dropped the idea, while on the way back home, we thought of stopping at Ford Showroom to have a look at Ford cards displayed. Maybe it was a trick, but my mom loved the design of Ford Fiesta Classic displayed. We are not much of thinkers while buying our stuff. If we like it we will buy it. We liked ford fiesta classic and we ordered one and it was standing in our house after 5 days. Yes, I cut short the story. Dont want to bore you So in 5 days Fiesta Classic (first SEDAN in our Family) was in our Garage. Dealership experience was first class. Ford Showroom was excellent, handing delivery, payment everything was smooth. 5 stars to Ford Dealership. Mileage: I have finished 20K, I have got mileage of around 16 KMPL in the city traffic always with AC on. In Highways I have got 20+ always, I drive fast of highways (above 100 KMPH). So I am very very satisfied with the mileage. I know you have been hearing about 32 KMPL mileage of ford Classic. Well thats in my opinion is under standard test conditions. However I think its not a vague figure. Its definitely possible as Classic is a car with superb Mileage in city as well as highways. Driving: Its a drivers car. If you like driving and cutting across corners. This car is for you. You will love its steering capabilty and driving quality. I did not have any issues for 20K kilometres and the car is running great just like new. I am very satisfied with Ford cars. Dealership, service etc experience is way ahead than many other car dealers in India. My family has owned other brands as well in the past. Below are few pics of the things that I liked the most in the car: The Car itself: The side look is great, In my opinion Ford Classic is a car which can give you a complete Sedan experience in lowest price. I got this Diesel 1.4 TDCi for 8 Lacs all inclusive. Althought I have been maintaining my car well by cleaning it myself every 2-3 weeks. Watchman cleans it everyday. He never meets my expectation. Coming to the point, I feel the car paint Job is much better than many other car brands in India. I have a friend who owns a Black car bought in the same timeframe. His paint is 2 tones less bright than mine. I use wax polish once in 2-3 months. Cockpit looks good, Black tone: Roof gives a feeling of a car much expensive than 8 lacs good job by Ford. I think finishing of the seats is very good: I just love the front headlamp: another angle for the car. I finished 10K pretty fast I completed a trip to Karnataka travelling 2200 Kilometres alone. (Travelogue to follow) Lets get Back to the Boot: As I was talking about the finishing of the product, I must appreciate the the finishing in the boot (every corner was fabulous)
  5. Thank you very much for th warm welcome. Yes I just completed 20K Kilometres. I will put an ownership review soon. and will include some travelogues as well as i get time :)
  6. Hi all, Glad to be part of this forum. I own a Ford Fiesta Classic 2011 model and I love it like hell I am here to post some pictures and travelogues that I have done in past 1.5 years of owning this beauty. Looking forward .. Thank you.. Here are some pictures to start off :D