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  1. Here is the link for pics of my nano: Post edited: Please upload the pics. on ACI Forum. BornFree2011-04-06 03:38:44
  2. Thanks for the concern durango dude.. i am now in india so no problem. My wife and kid is there and thay are safe from this. But still the ground is shaking there and there is tsunami alert. Hope everything will be fine.
  3. Most of you know that I have a nano lx model. The interiors even in the deluxe model are drab and since i am very finicky about fit and finish, didnot go in for seat covers as yet. All that has changed now and I have got my seats stitched in black PU ( from Karlssons Bangalore). It was their first nano ( who else would be crazy to spend money like me!) . You have to leave your car with them for 2 days as it is hand stitched and not some prefabricated cover. The owner Sajith Unni is a no nonsense and professional guy and he has done a really good job on it. Will post pics soon. As for the steering, I again got in fully hand stitched in leather from Devraj in JC road Bangalore. Had to research a lot to find these guys who offered the perfect finish and the results are well worth it. Next step is the stereo and like many guys said, Tata is foolish to think that we cannot add accesories...it has to be accounted for in the design stage. We like good stereo and horns and a car going up in flames on adding these is somehow undigestable...!
  4. Well, members in the know might remember that I have a Mitubishi I in Japan (in fact we still have..my wife is using it there) . I was very much intrested in the rear engined concept of the mitsubishi and it was a pleasure to drive and space was good. In fact i brought the same concept in India..in our very own Tata Nano. I know its not fair..but comparisons become inevitable...! Like Durango dude said heres a no pulled punches comparison. 1. Design & Engineering. The I simply eclipses the Nano. Its built on an aluminium spaceframe and uses plastics extensively. The fit and finish, the paint quality and the attention to detail makes the nano feel perhistoric. It has to be considering it is more than twice the price. Small details like the projector headlamps, the large 15 inch wheels all gel well. But somehow I find the nano to be way cuter than the slightly serious I.Maybe its because I am Indian and patronise things in our homeland but the way people smile at the Nano..i think I am not alone in that sentiment. Strangely for all its high techness, the Nano feels more solid than the i which is incredible considering it weighs almost 200 kg less. Maybe TATA has beefed up the car to take on the worst of our roads. There is a kind of ruggged simplicity and honesty here thats missing in the i. Conclusion; I more high tech, better built...nano built for india. Interiors ; The Is feature list simply eclipses the nanos...u name it it has it..power steerin, one tuch windows, auto fold mirros, credit card sized keyless entry(like the micra), leather steering, gear knob, climate control, dvd navigation..the list goes on and on..In the nano u get ...well....well....power windows..central locking,ac!!! and thats about it. But alls not lost for the nano..I find the dashboard and the a pillar trim to be of superior quality in the nano and the space is simply incredible..it easily eclipses the I. The I front seats are more comfortable( the nano is ok enough) and the rear..its hands down win for the tata. On the subject of boot space, the I has a proper opening hatch and there is enough space comparable to the alto. The nano has a paltry boot made worse by the fact that u cannot access it from the outside. A point to note is that the trunks of both cars tend to get quite hot because the engine is located there and the heat seeps thorugh the insulation. Best not to keep your choclates and other melting stuff in the boot. On the flip side..when we use to go for long drives in the I our lunch boxes were kept warm by the engine:). But unlike in the Nano, the heat doesnt seep into the passenger area in the I. 2nd part of review later !!!!
  5. Got my Nano on 22nd November...no waitng nothing...paid the cash and once the loan was approved was delivered the next day. Inital impressions...its very spacious and really cute and is perfect for the maniac traffic in bangalore...all in all adequately powered and just the right size..perfect onwnership...alls well........not so On the day of delivery, speedometer was disconnected (took delivery and went straight to service centre) to get it fixed. On driving back at night, the headlight high beam was not working...went to tata the next day and they replaced the whole combination switch!!!!! came back home and found wiper was not wroking after replacing!!! and no windshield washer fluid...again off to tata and guys promptly replaced the fuse..!!! Well..who said making a good car is only half the job...tata really needs to buckle up their PDI...but in all fairness the service centre guys are really cooperative and quick to fix any bugs...touch wood no problems from then on..and its running fine.. Mileage in bangalore crush hour traffic is 17km/litre..will improve after first service,,,all in all a good and cute car..
  6. HI guys, finally i am back in india and in bangalore...decided that my set of wheel will be the nano lx..so i went to the dealer nearest to my house, K.H.T motors(?) for he info and financing options etc.. As it was a weekend and due to the aria being on display it was very crowded..but staff were prompt and service was acceptable...I had a look at the BS4 display car (LX model) and it all seemd good. Now to my query part. I noticed that in BS4 lx model, the blue band sunscreen strip on top of the front windshield ( this was a feature exclusive to lx model before and in many tata cars) was not there...when i asked the sales staff, they were clueless...but in the brocherure it is mentioned that this feature is there in lx model. I didnot get to see any other lx model, so cannot judge. Has TATA quietly removed this feature on cost grounds or what? any body has any info? Regards, RK
  7. gone through your pics and as per my understanding its not the rims but the brake disc rotorsor the rear drums that are showing rust signs. it is standard issue because these items are made from cast iron and will be like those shown in your picture. Evn my honda jazz in japan has the same image. Nothing to get worried about and its normal as these parts are exposed to the elements. You cannot go to consumer court for this and if you look closely at other cars, you will see the same there also.
  8. RKNG

    Lemons of India

    With all the latest models flooding our shores, it would perhaps be the right time to go down memory lane to identify those duds in our nascent auto market. These are all my personal choices and i will update them once i have time The list hereby. (to be continued...) 1. Maruti 1000 Launched at the start of the 90?fs it was THE car for Maruti. Here was a stylish, contemporary and sleek sedan from the company?fs leading manufacturer more known for its humble 800 and the omni. In one sweep it made all the sedans then available like the contessa, 118ne, ambassador all look as exciting as Doordarshan?fs parliamentary news. It was THE car to be seen in and it became an instant hit. But then people began to drive it and very quickly found out that beneath the space age shape body beat a heart of pure arthritis. The 1000 cc engine put out a pathetic 46hp, wheezed and struggled to pull the car at the speed its shape held promise. Worse still if the aircon was switched on. And that the aircon would cool only well in Siberia added to the disgusted sweaty look on the owners face as even dinky 800s flew past him. Thankfully Maruti updated it midlife with the new 1300cc engine and renamed it the Esteem. The 1000 was left to die a slow death, but for sure it won?ft be missed. 2. Tata Sierra/Estate Buoyed by its success in the LCV segment, optimism was the new word in TATA. The empire had to spread horizontally and make itself a household name in all corners of Indiaon>. For that it had to enter the automotive segment. But to jump straight from trucks to cars was a big leap of faith that even TATA did not wanna risk. So someone suggested bridge products, like SUVs, people carriers to learn the ropes and finesse of car manufacturing before somersaulting headlong into the mass production swimming pool. Sounded great, but it wasn?ft as we shall soon see. The first products to wheeze along was the Tata Estate (the tata mobile was there but it was biblically agricultural). On the face of it was brilliant. It was the perfect car for the great big Indian family with enough space for all the auntijis and unclejis. It had unheard of luxury features at that time, power steering, central locking, power windows ( very much the fashion statement then),Mercedes lookalike seats and a refined diesel engine. A huge estate car that if you squinted a bit, looked like the Mercedes Benz estate. Looked promising, but alas it all started to fall apart pretty soon. It wasn?ft as much as just one problem, but a list so huge and so unfathomable that it literally broke the back of TATA?fs service department and tarnished the reputation of this and for that matter the sierra?fs for ever. Even to this day the image of TATAs as high maintenance vehicles are due in part because of these. The engine though smooth and refined, was prone to drinking oil, coolant loss, smoking, starting problems what not. The electrics were even worse with dentist drill sounding and awfully slow power windows, blown fuses and if at all the powered accessories did work, the under spec alternator drained the battery so it won?ft start again. Fantastic. And then we come to the biggest problem of them all?cthe weight. The truck making ethos ensured that the car weighed as much as the moon and proved too much for the tiny 1948 cc engine. Opening the doors (the poor plastic handles didn?ft help much) felt like opening the doors to a bank vault. This weight took its effect on the suspension and the tires with the front ones gobbled up at an alarming rate! All this ensured that you spend more days in the garage than on the road and when word of mouth got around, people deserted it in droves. Quite sad then, that these were the vehicles I dreamed of owning when I was a child. Even to this day a well maintained one can still turn heads (but finding them is like looking for penguins in Rajasthan). Sad, a brilliant concept but let down by horrible execution. But in hindsight, TATA wouldn?ft have been what it is today without these learning curves. Lucky I was not part of that curve.
  9. Congrats Autocar on maintaing your position as the most widely read auto mag in India. In fact I find it hardly surprising since the focus since its inception hasnt changed-us the customer. The road test pattern and choice of articles are innovative and unbiased. In fact i ask my mom to post all Autocar India copies once every 3 months to me in Japan! I have been an avid reader since its inception and even though there are many foreign mags here, i just dont find the review style as comprehensive or as neat as ACI. Keep up the good work!
  10. From my side..though not relevant in India I guess. 1.Honda Jazz: Pros: Smooth and refined engine Quality Comfy seats Fuel efficent Cons: CVT rubberbanding effect on hard accelration Reverse gear beep sound a bit bouncy perhaps 2.Mitsubishi I Pros : Features for a small car ( remote key fob,auto ac, automatic lamps/wiper) Unique..rear engined and rear wheel drive Cute looks, though some might call it weird Quality Peppy engine for city Seamless shifting auto Value Cons: Not as spacious as Daihatsu move ( though we dont need so much space) Maybe will need premium gasoline as compression ratio is a high 10.8:1 Thats all from my side..
  11. Leave it....sometimes small issues like seat belt blinking are all best left ignored.. The thing is you fasten seatbelt and drive,,,if you take up trivial things like this with service centre...then you will have time for this only
  12. Hi all, First of all, please inform me as to how to post pics in this forum...seems too complicated! Well..brought a Honda Jazz 1.3 in passion yellow colour ( all the other colurs were so boring)..had to pay extra 10K for this paint.on top of that since the car is in demand here waited for almost 2 months...but entire experience was pleasent ( here dealers are very very nice). Covered almost 1500kms in it...mine is the cvt automatic one and the milage is great compared to my old corolla ..so no complaints... Plus points: 1. Value...here the whole car in almost same indian spec cost me approx 6 lakhs including tax... 2.Refinement..completely inaudublie engine and since its CVT there are no jerks in gearchanging 3. auto neutral when idling even in D mode..but this is common in all cvts to save fuel. 4. Spacious and deceptively quick. 5. Light steering 6. Effective heater 7. Comfy front seats 8. If you are cruising gently at 80 km/h..cvt keeps the engine at 1500 rpm (so silence on the motorway) Now on to the minuses : 1. Cvt rubberband effect when you accelerate hard... 2. No electric mirror fold ( but available in upper variants) 3. There is a thudding sound from the boot area when going over broken roads (maybe reasonance due to huge boot and no tray) 4. CVT doesnt creep enough in reverse gear..you have to step on the gas 5. Irritating reverse gear chime..(ding dong ding dong...sounds stupid) 6. Brakes not enough for the speed capable All in all a pleasent experience..only prob is everybody inside gets real sleepy because its so quiet and comfortable.
  13. BTW...the dealer in tvm told my brother to put ONLY regular diesel in his swift Vdi and not to put additive fuels...like FRG has said because of the smoke issue as per the dealer. Just fill up at a reputable pump though.!
  14. Yup...the same one... Only mine is the N/A version..not the turbo...restwise identical..
  15. Hi All, Well we have a Daihatsu move Kei car in Japan and we have had it for almost 1 year and was good in every way except for the horribly uncomfy seats and the A pillar blindspot. But since my fiance's work involves a lot of travel by car inside city..we decided to shop for a kei with more comfortable seats and features. The Daihatsu had all the usual equipment,nothing more and we had done almot 15,000 trouble free kms in it. So naturally we ended up at the Daihatsu showroom looking at their other Kei models. But all barring the external shape had ditto same interiors and seats...so kinda defeated our purpose and the prices were too high even after eco tax discounts. Since the mitsubishi was near our house and we decided to go for something different...we ended up test driving the I and were hughely impressed with it. First of all absolutely everything was different..Its rear engined, aluminimum spaceframe monocoque. Inside it was nowhere as roomy as the daihatsu. but space was sufficent and the seats were infinitely more comfortable and proper buckets unlike the daihatsu's bench. Also what looked value in our eyes was the feature list...keyless entry , auto headlamps, wipers,maintanence reminder,leather steering, gearknob..all the lot.. We got a good exchange deal for our move and settled for the I in red. We are expecting the car by this month end...Will upload the pics once we get it...Happy motoring...