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  1. I have steel rims, no alloys. There is rusting around the bolts, pretty much a pattern which goes in a circle minus the bolts. Almost seems as if the rust patch is exactly where the rim meets the brakepad (?). I live in Lajpat Nagar which has a mini car market and off late, I've seen more and more people getting the same part painted. Maybe it's more than just ornamental. How much would that set me back by? Estimates?
  2. So today I had a flat in my Getz GLS - the rear left. I had alignment done 2 months back and I noticed then that the guy taking out the tyres kicked it for the tyre to come off. I did ask him why and he said that there is rust. Now today, I had a really tough time in getting the tyre to come off and had to kick it quite a bit for it to finally come off. Question here is whether this can be avoided. Is there a way through which this job becomes easier? Maybe anti-rust treatment? Any ideas/suggestions?
  3. Thanks for the advice. Will get to it. I never wanted those damn sensors anyway!
  4. I don't have any aftermarket fitments barring a reversing sensor system. The care was factory fitted with a centre locking system. Here's something I noticed the other day (While I was sitting in the car calling the Honda guys up) - When I make a call, I get that cellphone sound, even when the car is switched off. This is the sound that comes when you take a cellphone near a landline or an old stereo system. Seems to me something stays on 24/7 and is likely sucking the battery out.
  5. My family has a Honda City 1.5M S (the new one.. err the one before the current one actually), purchased in February 2009. Been serviced as it was supposed to according to the intervals n all that jazz. Today, the battery died on me. The car hasn't been used for almost 2 weeks, been parked for the period. Is it normal for the battery to die out so soon? My 4 year old Hyundai Getz's battery hasn't died on me ever, even after being parked with nowhere to go for close to 2-weeks. Please advise. Should this be taken forward to Honda/the Dealer/Service Centre or is this the case with most Hondas? Anyone else have this problem? Honda or otherwise?
  6. ^I think the thing in Delhi was the press launch, and that was at Jaypee/Vasant Continental in Vasant Vihar. This is from Taj Lands End. So the car can very well be Rajeev Kapoor's car. Man I'd love to drive that!
  7. Oh and it's also different from the Maroon jazz.. notice the different front grill?
  8. is it just me or is has something gone terribly wrong with the Silver Jazz in the back? or is it one of those interior shot cars?
  9. Thanks for the info Viraj. I'll definately look into it in another years time once I start earning. But yes, the car is riding really well with reduced Road Noise so I'm satisfied for now.
  10. Hows the material of Apollo Alloy Wheelz? I've had the opportunity of looking at them on a car on the street.. in fact the red lip design was the one I saw on a red Hyundai Accent, and they were looking really really awesome. And by their looks, they seem to be pretty sturdy. Anyone have any dope on that?
  11. I bought the same ones as the originals. Good Year 175/70/R13. The difference in the tread of the two is huge and almost makes me want to replace the other three as well!
  12. ^Yeah, that is the plan! That 10k should come, in all probability, after a year!
  13. Just changed two of the tyres, got 'em fitted to the front. I have to say that the difference in the road noise level is significant. Pretty satisfied with the results as of now. Thanks for all the advice!
  14. Can one really compare the performance of tyres for a car like Zen, with the performance SUV specific tyres would deliver? I'm going on a road trip on Thursday.. would really appreciate it if someone could give me a concrete answer..
  15. I'm looking for a new set of tyres for my Scorpio CRDe. It's clocked around 35k over the past 3 years. Currently it's riding on 15" JK Elanza 235's. I'm looking to get a new set of tyres. I want to choose between Apollo Hawkz and MRF Wanderers. Not really interested in Michelins as I've not heard any good reviews about them. Any suggestions to help choose between Apollo Hawkz and MRF Wanderers?
  16. The service guy at Samara Hyundai told me that the tyre problem is inherent with the Getz. I don't know whether he was trying to cover up their ignorance since I've been getting my car serviced from the same service centre since day 0, or it's an actual problem with the car. Anyway, would getting two new tyres for the front and putting the best of the current tyres at the back be a good option? Summer cash crunch isn't really allowing me to get five new ones. Also, would it be wise to install a different brand of new tyres of the same size with the existing ones or is it just plain stupid?
  17. Hey, I've got a Hyundai Getz GLS, purchased in early 2006 and has clocked 23000-odd kilometers. The stock tyres are the broader 13" Good Year 175s. The car was limited to the city for the first two and a half years of its life and in the past 9 odd months, it's been doing rounds of the expressways around Delhi. Off late, I noticed a lot of road noise coming into the car. I figured it would be the engine since the car hadnt been serviced in 5 months. I sent it to the service centre for routine servicing and the excessive noise still exists in the car. I took it to the service centre again and the guy there said there's a problem with the tyres. I took the car for wheel balancing and alignment afterwards and to my shock, the inside wall of one of the tyres has worn off excessively. The tyre guys told me that two of my tyres are damaged and the other three are fine (including the spare). What I'm wondering is how much of a difference would changing two of the tyres make to the excessive road noise?
  18. If you're planning on changing your tyres as well, then upsize to 14" 175/60's. If you're not changing your tyres, then you can only stick to 13" wheels.
  19. They do look awesome in the Magazine. From what I've seen, they look good in real life too. Indian make should also provide somewhat of a guarantee against wear and tear, which I feel is really important especially since imports can almost never be trusted.