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  1. U r telling dat ur mileage will be 1000km/ please do go for a petro car,nowadays if you you go to calculate the running and maintenance cost put together at the end of 1 or 2 yrs den you will find that petrol cars are much much cheaper...and if in petrol, you can alwys go for rocks at its price...maruti/suzuki spares and service network is always the best at the customers end.
  2. bridgestone because m using the same make.,bridgestone tyres are softer,so better traction and stability but it wont give you much of life...I heared a lot of michelin also but never tasted.
  3. ya you are has no meaning in getting the tyres infact harms the appearance and ride quality...there are numerous limitations with tyre mods...therefore I wanna do my best home work b4 making a purchase. I thnk u r speaking of bangalore.
  4. Do you thnk dat Hyundai will cum down for getz, ofcourse hyundai gets much relaible and drivers car into the market..they wont come down with price..
  5. I appreciate ur suggestion,ofcourse 14 " tyre will give me better ride and handling quality, but my main odjective is to improve appearance of my car....
  6. is it...?den ofcourse it should be better buy.....
  7. Still i will stand by verna bcos its CRDI + VGT + 1.5 LTR + larger and seems to be more reliable.
  8. I work in Bangalore,but I live and my brother uses the car in Goa...As goa is always humid and heavy monsoons are faced for 4 months in a year...
  9. I will advice you to go with verna crdi (diesel), firstly its a diesel machine and it is well in competetion when compared with sx4 or fiesta...the later are fuel thirsty being petrol.. Verna is a drivers car,it is refined and provide with VGT which pushes the car like petros
  10. hey buddy, thanks a lot for ur valuable advice...ur answer have cleared my doubt...Even I am an automobile engineer but its always better to take an advice from others also.... but one concept is still not cleared...I will go for 15" 195/70 tyre configuration,dis will increase my ground clearance marginal by 12.5 mm but will give me sufficient cushion effect from road shocks....the subject which is pending is my tyre design...can v discuss further...?
  11. I have a baleno Lxi which is 15 months old. I want to improve its stability and appearance with respct to tyres.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> I want to go for alloys of 15" and tubeless tyres of 195/60 R15 (present tyre size 165/80 R13). I hope this configuration will increase my stability, driveability, marginal ground clearance and appearance but will increase my fuel consumption to a value of 2 kmpl. If not can you please let me know the maximum size of alloys and tyre that I can go for. What design and make of tyres are best suited for road and climatic conditions of Goa(humid and rainy) Please guide me into this matterFuelRunGod2007-10-08 17:19:08