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  1. I would consider the Terrano if it had a super light clutch, like the VIBE or even the Safari Storm. Will make an ideal city car for potholed roads. Nissan, are you listening ?
  2. I agree with SID Safari. Karizma ZMR it has to be for long distance rides. Superb engine, excellent riding posture and if you are of an average Indian height say 5.6 or 5.7, The NS will just about have your toes touching the ground against the entire foot in the ZMR. This factor could change the confidence of riding the bike quite a bit in the city. Cheers.
  3. Mitsubishi is a brand which is 'DONE' in India. Past is proof that Mitsubishi has not taken India one bit seriously. Customers suffered lack of after sales support for their vehicles. Secondly products like the EVO, although good in every shape and form had Pathetic warranty clauses. For example: warranty for one year or 10 thousand KM. LIKE SERIOUSLY ? I ll take divine intervention for these guys to succeed EVER in India.
  4. Well, I don't know if this is widely publicized and the common man knows about the production stop, but either ways this could be BAD PR for Chevrolet when it comes to selling these vehicles again.
  5. People in India crib if the Diesel is priced more than 80 K than the petrol and here is Toyota raking the stakes even higher with a Hybrid Camry. I think, it will flop faster than you can write the word FLOP.
  6. I hope the DRL's are not as bright as the I20's. The I20's are an irritant because of their brightness
  7. + 1 to that. New Dzire or an I 20, A Dzire VDI if you can push the budget a bit.
  8. Aria can work only if launched at an extremely competitive price and with the first batch of Aria's having absolutely no quality defects nor par failures. The Automatic Aria sure will start a new trend as people 'want' a reliable automatic in that range which none of the manufacturers offer. A reliable automatic Aria with an attractive price tag will set the ball rolling for Tata again. Never the less, this is too much to ask from Tata but you never know.
  9. The rendered image of the 2014 Indica Vista facelift is doing the rounds on the net. Here is one of the pictures I found on a popular forum on the internet. Here is the link to the entire article ---> What do you guys think ?
  10. It would be interesting to see if someone has tried to start the Honda Amaze Diesel from a steep up slope with a full compliment of passengers with the 2000 rpm lock making sure the engine stalls and there is a NO GO.
  11. That's not what I meant. A Maruti 800 is not a family mover or a family vacation vehicle ( Most of the times), the Ertiga is. People travel distances in the Ertiga with the family and having a cylinder in the already small boot can be a tedious exercise making Ertiga a 5 seater rather than a 7 seater.
  12. Whats the point in all this hoopla when at the end of the day you are going to have tears of blood when you enter the service station. A car is only as good as its after sales. Making amazing cars and burning a hole in the heart as well as the pocket when time comes for service is not my definition of a 'peaceful ownership' experience.
  13. Hahaha, A Quanto 4 X 4. A 4 X 4 market is even smaller as compared to the normal 2 wheel drive market, first they need to learn how to sell the Quanto in its current form before spending dough on these kind of upgrades. I think this is a failure right before the word Go.
  14. A Polo at 10 lakhs would sell lesser than the worst Pizza available in Mumbai. If it comes with DSG, ESP and all the other goodies at an on road price of around 9.5 to 10, it stands a fair chance as that will be a first in India and what a convenience that would be and of course a great selling point, but otherwise NO CHANCE VW.
  15. I would, even consider buying one the first week if it was launched if they did something about the heavy clutch. Its just not practical to be driven on the city roads in day to day traffic. A hydraulic release bearing in the clutch with a slave and master cylinder is all it takes to make it feather light, what is taking Renault all this while to incorporate is beyond me. I hope Nissan takes some 'people's reviews' and does the needful.