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  1. Somehow, i just cant get used to D'zire's looks .. Can anyone point me towards happy (or otherwise) Auto+cng users ?
  2. Hi, can you share Punto aux in modification pics again pls ?

  3. Whats your Budget - Rs 6 L (used car) Rs 11 L (new car), on-road Kms driven monthly - 3000 kms (so fuel economy and automatic transmission are both imp) Bodyshell - Hatch/ Sedan/SUV/ City/Highway split - 60:40 Max No.of Passangers - _____2_ most of the time Boot space Importance - ____Low__ Usage by - ________________Normal__ Ownership - __________City_______City/ Outskirts Safety - ________________High_____High/Medium/anything Prime requirement - FE Hi, There are a deluge of CNG vehicles (compacts) and a deluge of automatic transmission vehicles (from compacts to luxury cars) in the market. Does anyone know of a combination ? Wonder why this market gap has not been plugged. Alternately, if new cars are not available, i am thinking of going in for a after market fitment of CNG in an Automatic car. Can anyone give advice on that? I have read in forums about ppl turning petrol based civic autos into cng fuel-based vehicles. To, sum up, i have a 100km daily rush hour travel, of which 30-40 kms are on city highways (eastern express highyway). I want a good FE and an auto box to avoid a driver's costs.. Pls suggest a way out.. Currently driving a Punto, which has 100k on the odo, gives 13-15 FE with my run. Thanks for helping out in advance! Cheers