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  1. Okk..will do it as u have said. I am in Viman Nagar in Pune.. let me know if I can be of any help to u too...
  2. Hey..thanks a lot.. will check it for sure.. thanks again!!
  3. Hi, I will definitely check it.. but I am quite naive in checking all this..can u tell me where exactly is it?
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes, its petrol and the odometer is 78500 kms.with all the filters changer recently .. within a month. Pickup is good when AC is off but i dont feel any drastic change in pickup when the AC is ON.
  5. Hi, I have a Tata Indigo GLS 2003 model. I had an insurance on this car. One day traffic police caught me and asked for Insurance. It was expired in a month prior and he asked me 2100 as a fine.... I didnt pay that much.. But now I want an insurance for my car. Can u tell me which insurance I should opt for it? and is it true that fine is 2100 for not having insurance?
  6. I have Tata Indigo GLS. These days the Engine takes too much time to get heatup.. The pointer also is at 'C' (Cool) on the Engine heat indicator even if I drive for about 3-4 kms.And I can feel it because even if I press accelerator fully, car doesnt pick up... Can anyone tell me what might be the reason behind it and what should I do for a remedy? Thanks.
  7. My car makes a lot of noise on rough roads. Will it be a shock absorber causing loud noise?
  8. actually this is a second hand car...it seems the previous owner changed only two tyres..i will go for all tyre change... the price range u gave was for tubeless right? i m new to this place..can u tell me what things should i ask for when i buy the tyre? thanks again for valuable info...
  9. Hey...Thanks. Well... could u tell me if i should go for all tyres change or just two tyres as other two are in good condition... will it make any difference if i change only two tyres?
  10. Hello everyone... I own tata Indigo and now its time to replace the tyres. I am plannin to replace all 4 tyres with Michelin or Bridgestone tubeless tyres. Which one should i choose if not these? and what will be the price range for these tyres?