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  1. Find pics below
  2. Polling may not yield optimum sales of SX4 is more because of (1) Price (2) service network...I'm not considered above 2 parameters.... ------------------------------------------------------------- ankit.jhamb Posted: 11 Nov 2007 at 6:15pm why dont you create a poll on this topic
  3. Finally... I bought New Honda City ZX VTEC on Diwali (8th Nov) .....after validating orthers cars like (1) GM Aveo (2) Maruti Suzuki SX4 (3) Hyundai Verna CRDi (4) Ford Fiesta (5) Toyota Innova....Thanks everyone for valuable suggestions...
  4. Now iI have only 2 options...(1) City ZX VTEC (2) Verna CRDI VGT....Any comments on these..??
  5. For very comfort driving, good re-sale value go for Santro Xing or Getz 1.3. Santro is having better mileage and Get Z is having better power. I have been using Santro Xing for more than 3 years not replaced a sigle part because of wear and tear
  6. Good review comments regarding SX4..
  7. Please find very good review comments..
  8. Some questions regarding Honda City ZX (1) Honda City ZX EXI/GXI models are 10th year edition? OR only VTEC is 10th year edition? (2) for past how many years City ZX EXI/GXI models are being on the road? Honda will stop production of these models in near future?
  9. how frequent we need to fill air in tubeless tyres...? is it same as that of normal tyres?
  10. What are advatages & disadvantages of tubeless tyres as Verna, SX4 is having tubeless tyres?
  11. for indian city drives i think min. 150-160mm ground clearance is required
  12. What will be re-sale value (after 3 years) of Honda city, Hyundai Verna-Petrol, Maruthi SX4? Which one will be better?
  13. I din't drove SX4 yet. but i had test drive of swift twice last week. I felt that I'm driving heavy vehicle. Steering is not at all good. what about SX4?
  14. Out of my 5 options, you just removed one of them ..that is Aveo..
  15. Verna CRDI SX costs 9.32L and XI-PET costs 7.5L. I don't think Verna diesel is worh paying 1.82L more for usage of 1000kms/month. wht'z ur opinion?