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  1. I can be called at 0,97,16,86,89,73. Thanks.
  2. Hi Friends ! I just bought a 1999 Merc E 240 V6 Automatic Elegance from a friend. The car run smooth. After 2 days I noticed thick white fumes from the tailpipes. I suspected excess engine oil, checked the dipstick, the oil was in excess of the max mark in the dipstick. I got all oil drained and about 8 litres of oil came out. I repoured that oil till the half of the dipstic (between max and min mark). Now I notice that white fumes are there but they have reduced. I also opened and and checked the MAF (mass air flow) sensor but that seemed to be clean and dry. I also noticed that white idleing there seems to be a engine missing in between. I undrstand that it has 12 spark plugs. I am a DIY freak and would like to know the following from the tech extperts here : 1. Why white fumes ? Is it due to excess engine oil / wrong grade engine oil ? Oil was very thin when I checked it. 2. Is it due to misfiring due to some faulty/shorted spark plugs. 3. If I want to change plugs - are they available with bosch or NGK etc at the local Bosch or local parts stores ? 4. What grade of oil to be used and how much oil does it take to replace ? 5. I want to drain all old oil from the engine and refill with fresh oil. How to drain the engine completely ? Is it possible through the drain plug or need a sucking machine ? 6. Do I need to use only synthetic oil or can I use Castrol Magnatech non sythetic oil and what grade and how much. 7. Is there a possibility that the head gasket is blown and thats why white fumes ???? 8. Is there a possibility that automatic transmission fluid is leaking on to the heads and burning in the engine ??? (very remote chance but still....) 9. The dash board engine management dispaly is not showing any fault codes except a blown parking lamp. I am here to ask these questions as I dont want to be at the mercy of the local Merc garages who will make hefy bills for nothing. I would be grateful if any experts here can answer my questions in the same sequence. I am based at Gurgaon. Before taking the car to a Merc mechanic I want to be sure of why i am going there ???? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks & Regards.
  3. shows that honda jazz is a copy of Merc A Class, Who says only chienese are copying car designs, japs are no way behind
  4. members can also mail me at fitsandy (at) gmail for pix
  5. Pics are also avalable at :
  6. I have a model 2000 mpfi esteem type 2 LXI. I was bored with the car so I decided to add punch to the engine performance. I researched and did the following DIY Mods : 1. Cold Air Intake with Heat Shield 2. Side Gapped the stock spark plugs 3. Fabricated and added an Oil Catch Can 4. Removed CAT and mid-car resonator exhaust and replaced rear exhaust can of esteem with Opel Corsa 1.6 exhaust which is way open and free flowing. 5. Shaved and polished the throttle body from inside. 6. Drilled my disc brakes. Now I have a much better low end torque and past 2000 rpm the car flies like a rocket and most of the cars of similar engine capacity or even upto 1.6 letre trying to pick on me in street racing bite the dust in seconds. I want to post the pictures here.