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  1. Thanks Umesh. I will try my best to get delvac 1 otherwise will go for 15W40. Can experts throw some light on the use of premium diesels. I have read mixed reviews on their usability and profitability. People say they increase engine noise. Shall I use premium diesel or normal diesel? The former one is however not recommended by TATA.
  2. By the way my second service is due in june. I would like to know what things to keep in mind. What things should I get changed? Engine oil, filters etc. Also kindly suggest me which engine oil to use in my vista quadrajet. I have read that mobil delvac 15W40 is a very good option. What are experts' opinions?
  3. No I haven't taken my car for a long drive till now. Well I was also thinking of changing fuel. Will fill from IOCL pumps now on. Earlier I used to fill from HPCL.
  4. I have also heard that using system D reduces noise to some extent. Can anyone tell me what is system D and how to use it? Where can I get it? I use normal HP diesel. Shall I use it? The manual doesn't recommend using system D.
  5. Calling neo will you be more specific about what the service engg. did to lower down the noise? Was the noise lowered down to the initial level? I will certainly get my air filter checked but isn't it a bit too early for a new vehicle? By the way how is your car running now? I mean what about the noise now?
  6. Thanks FRG. Will certainly try it. By the way has any of the vista quadrajet owner experienced such problem? And one more thing. Can anyone tell me which of the two cars indica vista qjd or swift vdi has got lesser engine noise inside and outside the cabin.
  7. Hi everyone. I had purchased indica vista quadrjet aura on 14th january. Prior to that i had an ambassador. It was a very new experience for me changing from all manual to all electronic control. But the change i noticed and loved the most was the engine noise. I couldn't believe it was a diesel engine. Absolutely no noise and vibration inside the cabin. Well the vehicle has run 2600km till date and i am more than satisfied with it. First service has been done. However after 1 month of 1st service the engine noise increased a bit. I can now feel some vibrations and noise comming inside the cabin. Even at idle the engine noise can be heard inside the cabin (with or without ac on). Earlier I couldn't notice any noise when the engine was kept idle. I would like to know if this is normal. Also will the noise decrease after second service?