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  1. Dear Gurus, Any one has idea about the New Color of Swift being introduced, it is a Combo of RED and Sunlight Copper - and it is metallic. Can any one tell me the color please. Thanks,
  2. Dear All, I am bit confused as opinion differs and i will have a look at the new metallic Sunlight Copper and choose the appropriate one. Thanks, Satish
  3. Dear Friends, I have booked a Swift VXI , Color - Ozure Grey last week. I heard from people saying that Maruti has launched a new color same as Sunlight Copper but mixed with Red. Can anyone comment on this an is it true? Thanks, Satish
  4. Dear All, I have booked Swift VXI - last Sunday , in Chennai - Cars India and the dealer said that the downtime will be 2 months time and the option of changing si open. When i saw the reviews of Ritz i felt i would have gone for Ritz rather than Swift for a simple reason because of BS IV.. and with more space than Swift but the rear look was not so good compare to swift.. As it is my first car for my family, I would like to have the best one. I have taken the right decision of taking swift or opted for Ritz.? Kindly let me have your views and options. Thanks, Satish
  5. Dear All, Thanks for the Inputs, I checked the I10 and the features it offers - it is really excellent with the Sunroof option in ASTA it's amazing. With ABS , Air bags , Sunroof, Music System - the price quoted was 5.5 lacs with 3 yrs insurance. When i checked with the dealer he said I10 gives 12 KMPL at the max in city conditions. He did not say more about the Maintenance Cost and the Spare parts of I10? When i checked with the the Maruti dealer , he said " If u want mileage please don't go for Swift " - but when it comes to my opinion - the look is awesome and I10 cannot match it outside but interiors are big problem in Swift. Both are equally good and i am bit confused about which one to take. All i need to knw the maintance costs involved in I10 ????????????????? and maruti Swfit????????????? based on this i can take up the decision ......... I dont want to take Ritz as being a new car with no reviews and dont want to take any Risk as this i smy First Car and wanted to go for the Best. Thanks, Satish
  6. Hi, Thanks again. I shall certainly wait for Ritz to check any new features or will go for Hyundai I10. The main problem in Hyundai i10 which i feel is the lesser number of Service Stations in Chennai compare to maruti. I shall decide on this shortly and thanks for all your updates. Satish
  7. Hi, Thank u very much for all of your inputs. I am ok either with Swift VXI or I10 as it suits my budget. as i said before i would like comfortable space due to avg ht in our family is 5,9". I thought of going for Swift VXI but i was told that the mileage is very low and it gives hardly 11 KMPL. Whereas in other hand i10 gives a good mileage ( am not sure about how much)? compare to Swift VXI. can one say the Pros and Cons of these 2 vehicles. Am not going for either I20 or TATA's or Swfit Diesel. I checked the photos of Maruti Ritz and could feel it will be same as ZEN estilo by look and A Star in terms of Mileage - Correct me if am wrong.and am not sure how this is going to fit in my bill. Kindly thorw some inputs on the same. Thanks,
  8. Hi, Thanks for your inputs. Kindly let me know about the mileage, comfortably in I20 compare to Swift VXI. I came to know form the persons having Maruti cars and they say "Maruti is good for Indian roads" and so i preferred Maruti Swift VXI and has i have read about Hyundai i10 and being car of the year i thought of comparing between the same with Swift VXI. So amoung the two which i can take pls guide me. Thanks,
  9. Hi Friends, This is my first car and confused about to go for either Swift VDI or Hyundai I10 could you please throw some points about the pros and cons of the same. mileage , comfort wise which is better. My reqt is comfort drive, good space (we are a family of 4 with avg ht of 5.9" and good mileage and my budget is around 4.5 lacs. please give inputs as am bit confused. Satish
  10. Hi Friends, Thanks again. I have decided to go for Swift only - But to take between VDI or VXI ? 1. Do you all think i need to drive 50 KMS per day to buy VDI (Diesel)? 2. my usage is very minimal and can drive 50 KmS per Week , do you think i can go for VDI - and if i dont use the VDI daily - any problem will come to my car engine? what will be the Maintenance costs i need to shell out per month if i use Diesel? I heard that generally in Diesel cars there will be a Jerk and movement when u start the car - is it true in VDI. I would like to get the maximum mileage and less maintenance do you think VDI can fit my Bill. Need your inputs.
  11. Dear all, Thank you all for your time and giving me a valuable advice. Checked personally with the people,some say Swift and some A* and the opinion differs and the final verdict Swift is tested for years and it is excellent Vehicle to drive. A* is a new Vehicle and it is not tested like Swift and not to go ahead because of mileage alone and see the other factors also. Waiting for the good response from A* .... if not will go for Swift.
  12. Durango, Thanks for your reply, I shall come back to you more about the Queries. Its good to get valuable information in short span of time. Thanks,
  13. Hi , Thanks again for your time and reply. I can check out for Swift ZXI and also about the Engine which you have mentioned as it is a very good vital information. also can u input some information about Maintenance of these 2 cars. Thanks,
  14. HI, Thanks for your time and reply, we are 4 in our family, considering my above requirement - do you think Swift is viable one. can you please throw some points on the Maintenance aspects of these 2 cars. satish
  15. Hi, Thanks for your reply. My Requirements.. More Mileage , less maintenance , Driving Comfort with enough space for 4 people are my requirements. Satish