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  1. Thanks for the launch date Nimesh. I'm getting one as soon as it reaches showrooms
  2. Jazz would never come for 5.5. 7 would mean low sales and definitely very very poor VFM considering it would mean around 7.7 on road, about 65k cheaper than the City base model. You get no boot, much weaker engine, much less appealing exterior and relatively less spacious car.
  3. Let's see.... Folding rear seats in a sedan...I'd use it just coz it's there once during the lifetime of the car but not otherwise.
  4. I think the feature list is very good. I've also heard that despite smaller wheelbase, Ritz is likely to have more legroom at the rear which is why the tiny boot. Does seem like a runaway success and a potential i10 killer
  5. Ikon it is. Logan has had dismal sales of 550 units in march. Looking at this I'm not sure how long the already shaky partnership between Mahindra and Renault will last
  6. Sounds interesting. We might soon have another Indian car manufacturer out there. Hope it'll not be a company that makes a decade too late kinda cars
  7. It has to be a good car. Magnum has a brilliant diesel engine with 120 horses...148 for a 12-13 lakh car would be mind blowing
  8. ^ Yeah, but I don't think Getz will last long. I don't see any life for it once i20 diesel comes along.
  9. I think a petrol makes better sense. Take Swift for example...the price difference in Petrol and Diesel is 68,000. Given your running you'll only break even after well over 4 yrs. at which point diesel no matter how sophisticated they are these days, will prove heavier on your pocket.
  10. nim12esh....thanks for the info man. I'm actually waiting with the money ready for mu Punto. How certain are you about the launch timing..because Fiat showrooms in Delhi have been telling me july-august and I really don't want to wait that long
  11. Sandero is another odd looking if not dated car from Renault. They must come up with something contemporary car to balance out the Logan miscalculation. Not sure Sandero is the answer in this category which will be jammed with several top notch models within next few months
  12. ^ Hey...any idea whether feature list would be same as Linea for each variant??
  13. I just called up one of the Tata-Fiat dealers in Delhi and they are not expecting Punto to be launched before august. The following article suggests launch between oct-dec