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  1. I have aftermarket xenon lights (HIDs are the same) and it's a massive improvement!
  2. They're amazing cars, wonder where everybody gets the stories they're not. Would love to have one!
  3. That last one looks pretty good. But I have to ask, what the hell is it with you people and putting wrong badges on cars? Some car that's never been sold over here with a Mercedes badge, once read about about the suggestion to put a Ferrari badge on something, the latest one put an Abt badge on a Honda.. Abt is specialised in VAG, not jap stuff..
  4. Yea, that's the plan! Once I get my hands on a second set of lights to fiddle with!
  5. I made a custom interior light. I used to have a LED bar in there, but I hated the fact it didn't fill the housing completely. So I made a custom LED light. Only pics I got of before: After (looks better in real, but cameraphone can't capture it that well): I simply used 5mm white LEDs, with half a Ohm resistors for every LED. It's a mess on the inside, but you can't see that anyway!
  6. The Swift is okay. The Sonata, at least line the spoiler up so it's the same height on either side! And it should be visible through the rear window.
  7. Traffic really must be terrible over there. Saw few films on youtube about it, really is painful to watch! I've only driven in Belgium, Holland, Germany and every country in between to Portugal. Driving in these countries was all pretty decent, the route de soleil in France is just dangerous because of the bikes which come popping by every few seconds. Portugal was amazing how fast they were driving in the mountains, speeding through blind turns and stuff. But I lived, I have doubts I would if I was in India This summer I'll be driving in the UK though, that will take some adapting to drive on the other side!
  8. Try to notice details a bit more. You block off half of the spray jets for the lights, the colour doesn't match up, and the bumper isn't straight.
  9. That's bright pink. Your red seperately looks a tad pink-ish
  10. I use photoshop on a regular basis and I know red when I see it. Maybe you should alter your settings if 2 people agree it's not red
  11. Its Red. Not Pink. Adjust your monitors settings Here is the Plain Silver edition. Definately pink mate..
  12. Are you guys even talking about the same Swift as I imagine? I just keep getting shocked by the tuning style over there. 13" wheels?? You have to be joking, over here you'll have to search to find a car coming with standard wheels smaller dan 15". So I agree on first making the car a bit faster and then worry about the looks. And if you drive "rash", I'd suggest learning to drive and calming down first.
  13. Hmm, don't think stickers and tint spray are extensive modifications Try adding different bumpers and make them look as if they were meant to be there!
  14. 14" wheels are tiny, I'd go for something sporty looking like 16" on a Swift.. When I get the money my Fiesta is gonna be on 17"
  15. I made these for a request for an art class, as a guide, so it's not perfect, but does look funny. Merged a Fiesta MK2, 4 and 7:
  16. As far as I know any interior part can be ordered. An Indian Ford dealer e-mailed me back with the price of the part, but never answered to my request for more information. So I know it's available.
  17. Useless options to me (although it's changing now) are spare wheels. They just add weight, they're quite expensive really and over here, if you drive a flat, most of the time you just call car service anyway, so it's useless. Cruise control is very handy, Belgium isn't big but it's a lot nicer to drive. Useless option for me, which isn't free, but probably will happen in the future: auto park features! if you can't park, you shouldn't be driving in the first place.
  18. Nah, I'm from Belgium, hence why I'm searching for a way to get Indian car parts.
  19. The Dacia is an expensive car over there? Is it more expensive than an Ikon? I'd go for the Ikon then. The Logan over here is a VERY base spec car, cheapest cars available. I'd definately get an Ikon then. TDCI engines are pretty good too.
  20. I keep wondering what Logan you guys talk about, if it's the Dacia Logan, I'd definately go for an Ikon. But cars over there are pretty different to here!
  21. Yea, but it looks a lot more "finished". Our handbrake is so bare and looks crap, I put an aftermarket armrest in there which makes it a bit nicer, but still not the greatest looking center console.