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  1. Hi, You may want to wait a bit. I saw on Autocar last week I think, the test drive of the new Toyota SUV. Worth the wait I can tell you for sure.
  2. Hi, OK I have the same problem with my Ford Fiesta . This normally happens because a lot of grime deposits on the A/C evaporator/condenser (the fin tubes) and since it adheres to the fins its difficult to remove unless you completely dismantle the condenser and have it chemically washed. I have followed the below procedure and it has helped reduce and almost eliminate the smell. Do as follows; 1. Put the A/c on Fresh air mode /outside air mode- (i.e. NOT recirculation) 2. Put your A/C thrmostat on Full heat 3. Caution- Roll window an inch down incase you are seated in the car otherwise in this heat you will pass out. 4. Put on blower speed to 2 or 3 5. Let it run on heating for about 10 minutes daily for a week Best way is to perform this routine 10 mins before reaching home daily. You will find the smell gradually reducing. Hope it helps. regards,
  3. Hi, I would not recommend the Ford Fiesta Diesel. Reasons; 1. What I am NOT happy about; a. Too much in-cabin noise - especially when driving at higher speeds such as on the expressway or even on any concretized roads. b. The ride is too stiff which makes you feel every ripple and pebble on the road. On bad roads you will surely land up with a back problem. I have. c. Head lights could have been brighter d. I have driven 21000 kms since 1.5 years on CITY ROADS (mainly Bandra to N.Point and back) and I can already hear rattle. Mind you I am a careful driver too. e. Good pick up for a diesel but speed flattens out past 110 ~ 115 kmph and then its tough to push her harder unless you keep shifting gears f. Rear seating cramped - could be better laid out like the Honda City g. No driver Lumbar support which leaves you with a lower back pain. h. No proper/adequate thigh support which bri ng on a sciatica pain as time goes by. 2. What I like about the car: a. Essentially a drivers car - that's why I bought it. ( But disspaoints on a straight run- basically runs out of breath) b. Cornering ability is GREAT c. Road holding is vey good- You wont go into a spin when tight cornering. d. A/C is good / adequate for Indian summer (Mumbai summers) e. On city roads she is swift on the pick up and has adequate power to pull out of a potentially dangerous situation. Regards,
  4. Thanks Vivek, Very true and agree with you. As they say... you learn from your mistakes. Nevertheless ; a) I always drop and pick up the car myself . I dont have the car delivered bacuse I never trust another driver with my car ( unfortunately I am an eccentric parsee you see....) I always check under the bonnet to see if the job has been done. c) In this case everytime i have taken delivery of the car and test driven it i have found the shock Ok but 2 days later....same problem. d) I have even reported it in the feedback call they give after the service. On one ocassion, this call was from their Chennai office asking for service feedback wherein I very clearly told them i was not happy with the last service. e) They note down my complaint and always promise to get back . The rest is history. Take care and again thanks for the inputs. Most appreciated. Regards,
  5. Dear Friends, Thanks very much for all the inputs. I am amazed at the quick replies and thankfull too. This is most appreciated. Regards,
  6. Hi, Does anyone know of anyone wanting to sell a used Mini Cooper . Age/condition not an issue. Even if it's a junk I will restore it. I am abs crazy about this car.
  7. Hi , This is my first post and hope to recieve some useful info. I own a Ford Fiesta 1.4 duratorq Zxi since July 2007. I have driven 21000 kms since then limited mainly to city driving with occasional spurts of highway driving between Pune and Mumbai. Problem being faced; The shock absorbers are terrible and I get a creaking/rattle noise everytime I roll to a stop. This has been occuring since the vehicle was new. Now I get a " click "sound when i turn the steering hard right. Regards point 1 above , I have reported this to Ford during every free service and everytime they have said they will remove the shock and lubricate them !!! I cannot understand what is there to lubricate a shock absorber. Is this not a sealed unit ??? Obviously someone at their Lalbaug service station is pulling a fast one and I am fed up and want to send a strong letter (albeit late) , to their service head. Can you provide me some e-mail address of whom I could approach and would look at the problem with a sound technical knowledge rather than just give me lip service.? Could do with some help here. Kind regards, Seacat