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  1. Got the cheque today from the dealership!! 10/10 for Sundaram Honda and Honda
  2. Had a chat again today with the dealership. I had got a corporate discount of 10K when I bought the car. While the actual discount was 15K. Wrong communication. Its corrected and few of the people who had a reduced discount are getting their additional payouts Either good delearship or ???
  3. Looks very cute. Caught a glimpse of it while dropping my car at Honda service center last weekend. A red one like on the photos. Was looking very good. Feel the price raise for Honda City was primarily aimed at Jazz pricing.
  4. Me neither could believe it. Thats why I posted out to see if dealers had played any tricks like this one earlier. I am really weary and nervous of this discount. Just a gut feeling this something is not alright!! Any precautions to take? - I am planning to get it in writing for what they are giving out this cheque for. - Also thinking of writing to Honda directly to see whats this all about I had not looked at the cheque (not sure from Honda or from dealer). Will be dropping by on Saturday to check this one.
  5. I had purchased All New Honda City (SMT model) in March. Today got a suprise call from the dealer and said Honda has sent cheque for an additional cheque of Rs. 5000/- The reason quoted was that there was a change in Honda policy. Never heard of any manufacturer / dealer giving a discount after 3 months of purchase and I am little confused. Has anyone got similar experience earlier. I got the car just before Honda had raised the prices. Just little edgy that there might some issues with car though I had not found any issues so far. I have clocked 5200Kms and the car has been a dream to drive. -- Sundar