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  1. go with Swift Dzire as it has its outletallover India. good looks,perfomance,and as you say you are only the person to drive it then its the best car. a Value for Money car!
  2. @driftpunk i dont knw why are you comparing a city? if you really want to compare then compare INDIA!
  3. v12power

    Nissan Pixo

    goto nomanincar.blogspot.com for the pictures
  4. v12power

    Nissan Pixo

  5. v12power

    Nissan Pixo

    pixo is the copy of a-star nissan and maruti both had a partnership of making PIXO. pixo is manufactured at the same place were a-star is manufactured in PIXO i dont like the grill
  6. v12power

    Nissan Pixo

    please go to nomanincar.blogspot.com its my blog
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    Nissan Pixo

    All Pics by V12POWER
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    Nissan Pixo

    I have spoted the nissan pixo in mundra (kutch) i have seen more than 2000 cars in mundra port it is exported from here willl post the pictures later can any one let me know the features of thhat car
  9. Here are some pics of MTV STUNT MANIA...........BY V12POWER some burnout pics : all PICS BY V12POWER
  10. India's Ugliest Car is : HYUNDAI SONATA GOLD
  11. i don't like the rear lights although the car is superb
  12. would anybody buy it ???? the people how have extra money to spend they should go n buyy it in this price i can get merc,honda accord,etc.........
  13. please post some pics how you edit
  14. which software do all you use please tell me Moderators Note: Please post in correct English.CYRUS432009-08-15 14:38:36
  15. you give money for mee please
  16. i tooo agree on this. I think you should post her image so we can also see. if you have taken some photos of that showroom or cars please post
  17. there website is soo booring i could make better than these see my blog nomanincar.blogspot.com which is better looking i and my brother can make website like audi india and mitsubishi US
  18. i think hyundai terracan is also a ugly v12power2009-08-14 12:13:21
  19. i think HH should change front look first because we are boored from it
  20. go for the M&M Xylo because it is new and better looking car
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    Hi All

    welcome to AUTOCARINDIA i am too a cyclist because i am in school i have to go to my van(that i dont like)or by buses (no fix time) so i prefer cycle i enjoy riding cycle and doing some stunts the best thing while going to school is i get my friends with me if friends are there then no problem is there (correct ) there should be a day of riding only cycle should it be there