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  1. Thank you all !! As you noticed ..i am relatively a novice in this forum (just got registered yesterday) and i enjoyed all teh comments. Thanks to you guys ... i have decided to hold on for a couple of weeks till Pa is launched (i hear it is getting launched during last week of Oct or 1st week of Nov. I will try and contribute my two cents to this forum as well.. Cheers...
  2. Thanks for bringing back some focus...I would like to avoid the Auto transmission version.
  3. I am sure i can wait...however I saw some pics of the Pa and it seemed like Kia...and not very roomy...i can still wait... On the second Car (I have an Accent GLE); and now i am upgrading my first car from a Maruti 800 to wither Spark/Santro. Can you help me provide more clarity on: 1. Will Chevy provide a smoother ride quality than Santro? is it due to the gas filled shock absorbers? 2. Will Spark's A/C be like the 800...or better...since you used it for 3 months (not sure which city - but i live in Delhi)...were the rear seats comfy with the cooling? 3. I took a test ride on the Spark and it did stick to the ground. Felt like a heavy car like a palio however as per technical specifications it is 4 kgs lighter than the santro! 4. I found more legroom in the Spark...is this surprising...so why are comments being made that the Santro has more space... Please help provide some key help...:-)
  4. guys - i need to quickly decide in a couple of days between which car to choose. this car will be primarily driven by my wife and will be the second car in the family. She has a low back problem so good ride with spine support will be key. Please help me choose one..