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  1. the car on road price was 5.5 lakhs and the discounts I received was accessories, like a basis panasonic music player with speakers, car cover, seat covers, tefflon coat etc worth rs 7000 rs and insurance for the first year free worth 15K.
  2. Hi @rssh,... My main concern is mileage... is 9-10 standard for accent in city conditions...the sales guy said it would be around 15..I expected atleast 12 in city conditions on A/C...and looking at Dr. Gupta's comments..he is also managing a 15KMPL mileage
  3. Hello All, I am only getting 9 to 10 KMPL mileage for my accent hyundai executive petrol in city conditions. And I do not use much of A/C too.. I drove about 1700 KMs.. is there anything I need to do to check on the mileage? Could anyone share some experiences..and also let me know if I can go for CNG and how???
  4. great replies from all the veterans here.. thanks a lot guys.. I will post my car pictures very soon. This is my first car so i am very excited about the purchase..waiting to hit the roads on wednesday .. :-)
  5. Thanks Sparsh, Good to see someone from Delhi here.. I basically am from Delhi (Khirki Ext, Malviya Nagar) but an in Hyderabad now. Fantastic city Hyderabad is I must say. Its so much like Delhi, good food, Hot and cold climate, dry hot winds, and friendly cosmo culture!!! Could you pls tell a lil on the spoiler..how much would it cost.. and also on the Seat Covers..I dont like the leather imitation, I perspire a lot in that... how much would those soft, velvetty, Beige color seat covers cost me?? And yes, I will look forward to the pictures of your accent
  6. Thanks "Speed" for your suggestions. the point on Maintenance and Usability is noted. Cheers mate!
  7. Hi All, I have bought a new Accent (Lively Earth Color)- Executive yesterday as I found it to be the cheapest good looking sedan and with some good history of performance and loyality. When I asked for some accessories to be given as free, Lakshmi Hyundai guy offerred me all those general free stuff like mats, tefflon coating, body cover etc and is giving panasonic mp3 player with 4 speakers.. I actually asked for a spoiler but he already gave me a cash discount plus corp discount as i work with Genpact. So you guys have any suggestions to make the car look better, with some additional accessories. Should I go for a spoiler if yes then where and for how..much..I also like to place seat covers like the velvet beige etc My budget is 30 to 35 K. And also any comments on the car..how to maintain it for a better usability! Your comments/suggestions are sincerely appreciated! Shank