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  1. @librankur.....if u r not in a hurry to buy an SUV then i suggest u wait for the Renualt Duster that will be launched in June.... I dont think it will have an Automatic option but from whatever information i could gather, i am sure it will simply dust off the Scorpio... Even i love the Scorpio..... but its tab expensive @ INR 10Lacs+ .....i mean its rugged and safe and has a good engine.....but the interiors r a big let down...bad plastics all over...and its literally jumps on bad roads.
  2. Hi sham.....even i have a confusion about your query.... I had this habit of keeping the reducing the temp levels and the fan speed once the cabin has cooled....but someone told me that it is better to switch off the AC once the cabin has cooled and switch it one again when cabin turns warmer. I did it several times but got a feeling that it may damage the compressor.... i hope someone can throw light on this ........
  3. I wonder what the guys at HM are up to. I mean converting an iconic car like Amby into a pick-up truck seems so insane. They literally killed the Ambassador with this move. I dont think people will prefer buying Ambassadors as family cars no on. The pick-up truck looks like some old Ambassador that was modified into a pick-up truck by some road side garage.
  4. In my opinion the First Generation Bolero was a stunner. It looked bold and macho. It had that JEEP image. Mahindra has completely messed up the front facia of the Bolero and now it looks so ugly. The new changes in the engine, upholstery and safety standards are a welcome change but coming to the newly designed headlights, front grille and bumper, i would say that Mahindra designers have spoilt the show. The sales of Bolero have been increasing because a lot of tourist cab operators in smaller towns and villages prefer to own the XL version of the Bolero. I wish Mahindra comes out with the original design of the Bolero soon.
  5. Is there any technical difference between the Electra 350 and the the Classic 350? I visited the RE company showroom in Bandra (mumbai). Checked out the Std, Electra and Classic. Visibly, the Classics look better finished with an excellent paint job whereas the Std, Electra and Thunderbird dont seem to have a good paint job. I inquired with the showroom staff and they told me that the Classics are manufactured with proper detailing since they are also meant for export where as the Electra and standard are meant for the local market only. Could there be any truth in this statement ?
  6. I had recently given my Esteem to AUTOVISTA for denting and painting. AUTOVISTA is a Maruti authorised Dealer & Workshop having its showroom at Bandra West & Workshop at CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz West. Today when i went to pick up my car i realised that the repainting of the right side rear door & rear ****y panel is pathetic. The pearl silver paint is glossy but when viewed side ways, it has a lot of waves. Seems as if it was painted by a local garage. Secondly, i realised that the entire car's surface had become very rough. When i complained to the service advisor, he started giving me vague answers. I then demanded to meet his senior who agreed that the roughness wan nothing else but the paint of some other car that must have been painted in close vicinity. The supervisor has now told me that he will get the entire car polished and deliver the car tomorrow. Today i have a doubt whether my car was really repainted at the Dust free paint booth of Autovista or did they give my car for painting at some local garage at a cheaper cost. Can anyone tell me if i have any means of redressal at this stage? The total bill for repainting is approx.9500/-. Thread moved: ACI-Support.BornFree2011-05-05 18:24:53
  7. At 5.45 Lacs on road for the top-end model, this car is just too expensive. I had been to Fortune Motors at powai for a test drive. The sales guy told me that there is such a huge demand for this model that they couldnt even manage to have a spare car for test-drive. I burst out laughing ...... I think if the price is reduced by a lac for the top-end, then possibly it will find a lot of buyers (including me).
  8. Thanks Gizarte, Durango Dude, TSiVipul, sgiitk & rameshbabu.n. Thanks once again for your advice. The car will be sent to MASS (Autovista or Vitesse)in Mumbai. I am planning to get the entire right side re-painted if they assure me of a decent job. I am told that they spray a clear coat to ensure a good gloss. I was just a bit disoriented yesterday because my car never had to be repainted or touched up in the last 5 years and now for no fault of mine the poor car suffered a damage.
  9. @sgiitk. thanks sir, what about the paint gloss? Does it resemble the original factory paint job or will the difference show? Asking this because i have often seen cars where in the shade or the gloss is poor as compared to the original company paint.
  10. Guys, a rogue Indica driver rammed into my my Esteem while i was refueling the car. The rear right door has been damaged considerably. My car has never been painted or touched up till now. I want to get the car repaired by Autovista or Vittesse in Mumbai. Will i be able to get the colour matched and will it have the same gloss as the original paint? Friends kindly advise me on this issue. I have taken good care of my car and now i am worried that repainting the door may affect the gloss or shade of the paint.
  11. Thanks for ur good wishes dr_nishu, creativebala and sb-alto. @creativebala. I have not felt any significant change in the braking pattern. Will check on the highway soon. @sb-alto. I dont have alloys bro. My car is in stock condition. But i think it would have been a good to get the rim painted before fitting the new tyres.
  12. Guys i finally bought Michelin XM1+ for my Esteem. Purchased them from Saifee Tyres at Santacruz in Mumbai. 3550 per tyre along with alignment and balancing . . .weights extra . . . and a samsung mobile free First impression after driving on Michelin was that the tyres are super silent . . . grip seems firm . . . To all those who replied to my post . . . MANY MANY THANKS
  13. Thanks sb-alto & sgiitk. Will take a final decision on saturday
  14. @ asethi919, dr_nishu & creativebala. Thanks for ur suggestions. Yesterday night did a lot of surfing on the net and arrived at the conclusion that Michelin & Bridgestone are highly recommended by experts. asethi919 thanks for informing of the Michelin offer. Btw, some years ago people would often say that Michelin has soft rubber which cannot bear the brunt of harsh indian road conditions. Dont know how far this is correct. Will check both the tyres at a tyre shop today and revert back to you guys. Thanks once again
  15. I have a 5 year old Esteem running on stock JK Ultima tyres. Planning to change all 4 tyres next week. Considering that i live in Mumbai and travel mostly within the city which has bad roads, which tyres would you recommend from the following range. 1) MICHELIN XM1 Plus 2) BRIDGESTONE B250 3) APOLLO ACELERE