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  1. @rssh, i'll paya visit to the dealer tmr, will definately tell him to check th egear knob. and in case they ask me to change, will it be chargeable or it will be covered under waranty?
  2. @RKNG-i did as you suggested me to do, but the sound stil comes out (sometimes though). any idea what could have been wrong, is there a problem with my gear box?
  3. you are right rssh, the reverse gear didn't literally got engaged, ofcourse there is was a sound when my dad accidently pressed the gear knob into reverse gear grid, as i said on realising he corrected himself. i hope i am clear with my query here......any comments and suggestions plz?
  4. @sudeep- the sound is somewhat similar to what comes when the gear shift is not smooth n u get a feeling like something is getting in the way while making the shift, you need to put a liitle effort to push it in the reverse gear. PS-whole of this thing is experienced sometimes and not always.
  5. guys i am facing a problem with my car (i10); when i put reverse gear there is some creeking sound. i went to the dealer and he said press the clutch to the floor and you won't hear the sound. he also loosened up the clutch, but the problem hasn't been solved. act couple of weeks back my father accidently missed the 4th gear and went to the reverse gear on the move, but on realising he corrected himself.could this be the source of problem? what should i do?
  6. as per the comparo between the two,on papers and performance skoda have a slight edge over the japenese rival but on engine refinement accord still leads. also ASS of honda is way much better than skoda which probably is going to get a boost as per the comments given by fellow member SP1916. as per the price, honda has adapted a BAD HABBIT of charging a premium on there products and skoda has learned the same hard way just beause there brand value is a step lower than the Japs brand, so probably that makes Laura 1.8 TSI a better VFM.
  7. i actually liked the car as whole, specially the bike inspired speedo meter. i hope GM package it well for india with a good engine and price. DnDs2009-07-03 11:16:21
  8. @sgiitk-i20 doesn't come with an automatic trans....and i10's auto gear box is not that bad...or is it?
  9. car looks great man, seems it just fited in your driveway.BTW it looks great in black though i liked red the most. njoy your ride.
  10. launching swift sports/glam with a 1.6lt engine with a fine set of alloys and a few of accessories like body kit, TWIN Exhausts,etc. could have been a wrigth move to play.
  11. are they getting the car here as CBU or CKD?
  12. well i have i10 kappa and i am not facing any fuel effciency problems with my car, i am getting 14.5kmpl with 100% AC on(that too before the first service). What more are you expecting? there are always a case out so many cars sold, one od car manufatures has some defects which can cause the efficiency to drop, but that doesn;t mean the car in general is not an efficient car to run. No offence but KINDLY refrain yourself from commenting such comments. regards DnDs
  13. DnDs

    Car ergonomics

    as per your list, i10 sports has c. Seat Position: It should be adjustable. D. Steering tilt:F: Auto Transmission as you don't have to bend to front again and again. (Not must but very helpful) as far as lumbar disc support on seat is concerned i cannot confirm. having said that , i suggested you i10 only because of it offers auto trans, other aspects are subjective to yout personal comfort. so the best way to judge is by having a LONG TD. If you find i10 uncomfortable then choose among the manual trans cars. P.S. auto trans is actually very important for people having disc problems,even doctors tell you to refrain from driving and riding two wheelers.
  14. as everyone has mentioned, DON'T use clutch while braking: -it wears off the clutch plates -increase the braking distance. so for more efficient braking, use clutch when the engine is about to stall.
  15. DnDs

    Car ergonomics

    with your kind of budget, i don't think fabia fits in. Also as you have mentioned you are suffering from slip disk, i would recommend you to go for automatic transmission. there are few choices in your budget that you can go for: 1.i10 2.santro 3.wangonR. Personal suggestion:go fo i10, it is the only car woth 4speed auto trans.