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  1. Hi all, My Mach completed 4300 Kms. i am facing a typical type of problem whenever i am going for outing most of the time from Bhopal to Indore and back which is 400 Kms. i am getting lower mileage about 39-40 but at the same time when driving in City getting more then 40Kms. i did not find why is it is like this. can anyone let me know why this happens. on highway i am riding at speed between 70-80 Kms/Hour and in city 60-70 Kms because most of the my Home to office way is rush free and traveling in night hours this is due to my duty is in night.
  2. Hi All, I have visited Dealer and Lock Set got replaced. now she is running perfectly. mean while i also got replaced petrol T with key lock. My bike completed 2105 Kms till the time and getting good millage too. Once i will visit Dealer workshop for 2nd service, will replace silencer then only will able to upload pics. till the tile enjoy riding...........
  3. Thanks Rugs and Ramesh. This is Rain season now. since i do not have covered parking area in my office so avoiding driving in these day's. now a days i am getting some different type of problem. Neutral light on odometer blow some time. this caused i could not start nigher from kick nor ignition and when it got started engine goes off if i switch on indicator or light or flash light. it seems that there is something related with electricals. I have spoken to dealer. now tomorrow i will visit Dealer for repair of this problem. till the time my bike completed about 1950 Kms. and other then the above said problem it is gr8. but this problem is herting me when driving because any time we have to use indicator too. @Ramesh: you are talking about Indore made silencers. i belong to Indore i got tested it but will install it after completion of 3000 Kms only which is 2nd service. will get back to you after visiting dealer
  4. Hi, Rugs, My Bike completed 1680 Kms. I am getting veriable Mileage like: Last time i got it 33 Kms. / Lt but after that 44.8 Kms /Lt. When i was on leave, i rechecked my mileage by filling only 2Lt Petrol and ran in within city. about 20 Kms it ran on constant speed of 60 Kms/ Hr. and i got Mileage of 44.8 Kms/Lt. By this action it is seems that Petrol theft in parking lot. because here is 11.8 Kms / Lt difference which is much high. I have tried searching Petrol Knob lock but not available in my city. If some one have its availability then please let me know. Apart from this bike is gr8. my expectation for mileage is 40+ Kms/Lt. I am planing to replace Drum type silencer which will give near to original RE Bullet Thump. please advice on this. rugs could u update your cell no. or send me mail on my yahoo id hdhakaita@yahoo.com I am also looking for Head and Indicator Light Shads.
  5. more pics on naps are below. http://picasaweb.google.co.in/hemendra.dhakaita/MyRoyalEnfieldMachismo500#
  6. Hi, Today i have seen some oil leakage from the front right Shock absorber. got it fixed. this was due to the oil seal. Dealer replaced it and now running gr8. Today i have visited showroom too and found that now Silencer Heat Shield is inbuilt accessory for entire RE Bullet models. I have ordered one for my bike. This will reach within 2-3 week. for installation they will do gas weld nuts on silencer rod then screw it. I have completed 1172 Kms. This time she gave me 40Km/L this is because of entire 400 Kms i ran her in city. I am expecting it should give me millage of about 45 Km/l on highways and not less then 40Km/l in city.
  7. Got my trousers burned by Silencer, last week end. Looking for Heat Shield for Mach 500 Silencer. If anyone know from where i can get the Heat Shield please send me Mail Id, Cell No and address. Thanks.
  8. My Bike completed 1000 Kms. Gave me avg of 42.8 Kms. I ran it between 50-60 Kms/ hours I did not seen any oil leakage, vibrations even driving at low speed. My kids are too happy now with this bike and always prefer to go every where on it. they are not asking for CAR now a day's.
  9. all the snaps are below. http://picasaweb.google.co.in/hemendra.dhakaita/MyRoyalEnfieldMachismo500# Till the time my bike ran about 165 Kms but could not see any oil leakage. there was a problem related with flash switch which i have not checked at the time of delivery. now this is got fixed by dealer. will update more details soon.
  10. Today I got my Mach 500. I will update you Photos and video clips soon.
  11. most of the battery vendors give std warranty 1 yr and extended 2 to 3 yr. if you are not using your vehicle for long time then battery will go die after some time, so best way is to use user vehicle at least 2 time in a week and run it for 10-20 KM's. you can go for any battery but i recommend DRY battery.
  12. Today i have ordered Machismo 500. it will be delivered within 2 to 3 week time.
  13. Hi, Today I test ride Mach 350. its good but differ in thump. talked about this with dealer as per him if we install Electra < ="Content-" content="text/; charset=utf-8">< name="ProgId" content="Word.">< name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12">< name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><> Silencerit it it then you will get the approx same thump. but in 500 you will get the same thump which Electra have. can you please let me know is it true? -Hemendra