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  1. Guys I got HRS Alloys fitted in my Verna. Also got Yokahoma tyre's fitted in my Scorpio. Check my flickr album for my pics of the alloys - http://www.flickr.com/photos/rajesh20057/ What do you guys say? How are they? I got them for only 16.3k, and I am yet to sell the Rim and the tyre cover
  2. Err Can You Guys Please gimme some suggestions? I am totally confused now. Do Alloy wheels break easily?
  3. I think I need 5.5*14" Alloys as the newer Verna's come fitted with the same
  4. Well I checked Hyundai's Website and they say Verna SX CRDi comes with 185/65 R14 tyre's. Well How Are Appollo's Alloys? Any Website where I can check their various designs?
  5. I Won't be changing the stock tyre's of my Verna. So please suggest accordingly! Also can you guys tell me why I should not go for foreign Alloy Brands?
  6. I just checked Aura's Website, Since my Verna uses 14" tyre's, there are 2 options for 14" Rims, 14"*5.5 and 14"*6. Which One Should I go For? Will the 6" one improve handling?
  7. WTF! I live in AD Block dude! PM me your number, lets meet @Others - Well Can You Guys Be More Specific in which kinda Alloys should I use for my Verna? I mean why ain't foreign company alloys preferred? They have any problem? Also Mention The size of the alloys for Verna, I dont mind if I go in for a bigger Alloy size IF it does not hit my FE too much
  8. Hello Guys, I currently own a Scorpio SLX and a Verna Diesel SX (Non ABS ). I would like to get both the cars fitted with Alloy Wheels. Can You Guys gimme Some Suggestions? My Verna is using the stock tubeless tyre's and I also need to upgrade the tyre's of my Scorpio. I want the alloys to look shexy but the tyre's for Scorpio should not really hit the FE a lot, coz I use the Scorpio a lot. My budget for alloys for Verna and Scorpio is around 15-20k(Set of 4) each, I have no idea's about how much the Scorpio tyre's will cost, so please suggest appopriately. I am also attaching a pic of my Verna and Scorpio for your help Thanks! P.S. - I hope I can get 4 alloy wheels instead of 5 easily. Right? Is the same possible with Tyre's? P.P.S. - Hyundai Verna Diesel is one fantastic car. The performance of the car is o_0 and here in Salt Lake, Kolkata I myself love to drive the car around 80KM/hr speed. Its nothing short of total bliss