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  1. thanks for the wishes A.Rathore. trust me it was very difficult to convince my dad. i was promised the car after my XII results and if i had managed 90%. eventually managed to convince him that i'l be getting 90+ i am just praying as my results are to be declared shortly. if i dont he's gonna take my back side for sure. yup , i'l be voting for the first time.
  2. thanks for the replies. i actually was'nt asking that will the virus travel to the ecu . but wanted to know if the player can get corrupted or something like that. thanks again .
  3. hey friends , just wanted to know something from you people. i've just bought the 3rd gen city. ( to be honest my dad gifted me on my 18th b'day). i wanted to play songs from my usb. i was worried that if i transfer songs from my laptop (which maybe has some virus) to the usb and then connect the same to my usb cord in the system in the car , can some virus go to the music player and cause some harm. please advise as i am not very tech-savvy. regards saurabh.