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  1. Toyota Sienna and Mercedes Benz Viano are my favourates.
  2. Honda Activa is the best scooter around. It now comes with a better engine and improved features like combined braking, better instrument cluster, tamper proof lock etc. I am waiting for the Autocar test report soon. I would not recommend engine mods on this one thou.
  3. 1. Parking - Its a mess as none of the buildings have parking space. 2. Bus stops and the way the bus stops here in Cochin - Bang in the middle of the road without any warning. Almost all bus stops are on curves and major junctions. 3. Two wheelers and three wheelers - They have no patience and no regard to traffic rules. Piaggio Ape - I need to meet the guy who designed this ! 4. Pedestrians - Need to know they are walking on the road and not on the varanda of their houses. 5. Roads - need to have lane markings, reflectors and better surfaces.
  4. RITZ -A definite winner from Maruti, I hope production lines are geared up to meet up the huge demand. I like the fantastic engine options and superb styling.
  5. This is some great news. I just would love to see the LEXUS launched. It would intensify the competetion. Many of my friends in Middle East are die-hard Lexus fans. Excellent ride quality, impressive spec list and overall ownership experience is what makes the Lexus a very special brand.
  6. Suzuki's have never been popular in the premium end of the market. Looks are impressive. Hope those sexy alloys make it to the Indian market.